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a loving ghost. loving someone who doesn't exist?

do you know anyone who has ever fallen in love with someone who doesn't exist. maybe a person in a dream, a cartoon or anime character, or anything like that. how has that effected them. (i am not in this situation i just thought it was very very interesting)

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    i think the feeling you're talking about is similar to the one i have an opinion about.

    loving someone who doesn't exist, though you're talking about it like someone who really doesn't exist and is just fictional, is also just liking someone who you don't really know. for example, a girl could be completely infatuated with the hottest and most popular guy in school- a guy who she has never held a conversation with, a guy who she has never hung out with one on one, A GUY SHE DOESN'T REALLY KNOW. let's say, for the sake of trying to make my point, that this guy she is just completely in love, notices her one day and asks her if she wants to hang out, or asks her for her number or whatever. this girl will feel happier than she could probably express. she's going to be completely nervous and paranoid about what she's doing- she probably took over an hour getting ready and doing her hair and picking out her outfit. so now they're hanging out, let's just say they got dinner or coffee, something like that. he starts talking about himself and.. that's pretty much all he talks about. that's beside the point. once this girl got to know who this guy really is, she realized he's a jerk, an asshole, completely selfish and shallow.

    here's my point- this girl was in love with this guy she didn't know (a guy who, figuratively existed only materialistically in her mind, since she didn't know who he really was). once he asked her on a date, she was more than likely nervous and paranoid- if you're going on a date with someone you are allegedly in love with (and therefore see as a potential person to be in a relationship with) you should be comfortable around him, atleast to the point where you're biggest concern isn't "OMG what does he think of my outfit? OMG he didn't laugh at my joke, OMG i forgot to put on eyeliner OMG omg omg.....

    anyway, to come down to my real point.....

    she finally got to know this guy who she was so in love with before she knew who he really was, and realized that he's a jerk, that he's someone completely different than what she thought he was. at this point, she realizes that she was in love with someone, this guy, who she didn't even know personally... she realizes that HER LOVE FOR HIM WAS A LIE.

    people who feel this way, and i know from experience, feel stupid. plain and simple. they end up realizing, though, that physical attraction and materialistic shallow feelings towards someone absolutely do not mean more than a tiny tiny fraction of what you need to feel to feel something like love.

    i guess what i'm trying to tell you, is that once those who are in love with someone that doesn't exist realize that this person truly doesn't exist, that the person isn't who they thought they were, or that simply the person is only an ideal of a perfect guy- and we all know perfect guys (and girls) don't exist, ONCE THEY REALIZE THIS, they become more mature on an emotional level once they deal with their naiveness and once they realize there's more to love than physical attraction and more reward out of getting to know who someone is and more consequence out of having feelings that are supported by shallow thoughts and feelings, THESE PEOPLE GROW. THEY BECOME BETTER.


    the sad and pathetic journey of loving someone who doesn't exist is ultimately more rewarding than those who simply feel without reason to, because the people who loved someone who doesn't exist understand the rewards of TRUE feelings and the consequences of FALSE feelings.

    sorry this is so long. just something i'm passionate about.

    hope it helps in widening your perspective.

    again, sorry.

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    Don't laugh (fine, you can laugh).. but I swear on my LIFE that I was in love with Inu Yasha when I was a lonely middle schooler.

    No, seriously, I am considered to be very beautiful now in fact I've even done some modeling but I was a late bloomer (skinny, mousy and shy when I was in middle school) and I was very lonely, got hardly any male attention and read A LOT of manga.. and seriously I fell in love with Inu Yasha.

    This is so embarrassing, I can't believe I'm even writing this on a public website but seriously. You know how when most people see beautiful things like sunsets by the beach they yearn for either finding love/the person who they loved? Yea.. well I yearned for Inu Yasha, and just like any unrequited love it was painful.

    PS: I'm sure tons of girls out there are actually in love with Edward Cullen.. which is sad. LOL

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    me. she's in my dreams. she's scary but beautiful. like, when i see her i feel like i'm about to die at the same time as we F$&K. like a leash on my neck or something.

    i also want to use this question as a means to appreciate Jun Maeda. a brilliant writer and character creator.

    @Missy Miss. I'm so sorry to hear that. i know it's hard, but i wish that you be fine in the end.

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    well not really. but i'm still in love with my ex who just passed away. so in a way it's kinda relevant. everyone tells me i need to move on but it's easier said then done. just because he doesn't walk this earth doesn't mean that my feelings for him and my love have to leave too.

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    Just like Heaven.

    MOVIE =)

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