chemistry help please?? Help cant the answers?

10. The element potassium is an abundant, silvery-white metal. The element tellurium is also a silvery-white metal. In a laboratory experiment, which of thses would demonstrate that they have formed a compound?

A. Both elements appear in the same glossary of a chemistry text.

B. The elements have combined to form a new substance that is a white, crystalline solid.

C. Both elements are metals.

D. both elements dissolve in the same clear, odorless liquid

11.Ethyl alcohol is a substance. is is composed of identical molecures made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. it has fixed, unique properties. it cant be broken down into other substances by physical means. What is ethyl alcohol an example of?

A. pure substance

B. phase

C. mixture

D. electron

12.Orange juice is a substance. Its is compose of barying amounts of water, sugar, and other molecules. Its propertie vary depending on the sample. it can be separated into other substances by physical means.What is orange juice an example of?

A. electron

B. pure substance

C. mixture

D. phase.

13. Milk is a substance. It is composed of varying amounts of water, sugars, fats, and other molecules. Its properties vary depending on the sample. it can be separated into other substances by physical means. What is milk an examples of?

A. mixture

B pure substance

C. phse

D electron

14.Joe has samples of three substances: Sodium (an element), ammonium chloride (a compound), and an unknown yellow powder.

Which of the following statements is true?

A. the ammonium chloride can be brokern down into simpler substances.

B. The sodium can be broken down into different elements.

C. the yellow powder is definitely an element.

D. The yellow powder is definitely a compound. of the choices below is an element, and the others are mixtures. which one is an element?

A. milk

B. brass

C. jewelry

D. tin

16. Which statement correctly describes a property of a mixture?

A. the components in a mixture share each other's chemical properties.

B. all mixtures are composed of only two elements.

C. mixtures are liquids.

D. the components can be physically separated.

17.which choice is an example of a mixture?

A zinc

B. steel

C. iron

D. sodium hydroxide

18. Which of the following statements is true?

A. a chemical compound is composed of only one kind of molecule.

B. A specific compound always has the same number of atoms per molecule.

C. a chemical compound contains atoms of different elements

D. all of the above.

19. A compound___________.

A. can be broken down by chemical means

B. cannot be broken down by any means

C. consists of identical atoms

D. is the same thing as an element

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    10) B

    11) A

    12) C

    13) A

    14) A

    15) D

    16) D

    17) B

    18) D

    19) A

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