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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl?

We're about to read this independently, as part of our grade, and I would like to know what the story is about (background information on the Nazis & all that). Plus, who Anne is and what she goes through. Thanks a ton. (:

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    Hitler started persecuting the Jews long before the concentration camps were opened. He made them wear Stars of David on their clothes and restricted their food and income. He basically forced them into segregation, and many Jews realized it was only going to get worse. When the Secret Police first started carting people off to be interrogated--and most of them did not return--one man and his friend decided to take their families into hiding. Another non-Jewish friend helped them hide in the attic of their printing shop. They ate rotten food and had to stay silent all day long, and they lived this way for years. The youngest girl in the group, Anne, wrote each day in her diary. Though they were eventually betrayed and all but Anne's father were killed in the concentration camps, thanks to her, we know what it was like for so many Jews under those conditions.

    You can probably find more info on wikipedia.

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    a young Jewish girl in Germany. Living in hiding with her own n two other families to save themselves from being sent off to concentration camps by Hitler's men- or so she says. Her father was the only one who survived and got her diary published after the war. For the rest, if u know it all now how will u enjoy the book?

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