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why do central americans want mexico to fail?

I live in Los Angeles and whenever Mexico plays they talk smack if they lose and claim that the other team did not have their squad, but neither does mexico?

basically why do they hate on Mexico?

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    Because Mexico is a better team than Central Americans, trust me why do i know this? well simple i am married to a Salvadorian girl and her family tryes to talk smack about Mexico but i find it funny becuase..... they eat Mexican Food, listen to Mexican Music, Watch Mexican Telenovelas, Etc........ but yet they bash on Mexico. but again it all has to do with Mexico being a bigger and better country than all of Central America. Hondurans, and Slavadorians are the ones who hate Mexico the most. i have respect for Costa Ricans becuase thye show respect and don't hate like the Hondurans and Salvadorians.

    to answer your question...... they are just hating plain and simple, they hate Mexico but trust me they will watch all they're games. i can care less because honestly they are just hating because they take the rivalry to another level and cannot keep it Professional. i mean do we see how they treated Mexico in Cetral America? (with the exception of Costa Rica becuse they did not act like clowns ). it's a hate that has to do with Central Americans being treated bad when they try to pass the Mexican border by Chiapas. some Mexicans treat Central Americans bad so they hate on Mexico not knowing not all Mexicans are like that. there will always be hate and tensions between those 2 central americasn countrys because it's a rivalry that goes beyond the sport for them. but again it does not matter because we have more titles and a better league i les duelen a los culeros.

    like the user above me said why bring in Women between the sport? why say Honduran girls are better looking than Mexican women? again it's just hate because Mexico is a bigger and richer country than Central America.

    so i guess these are ugly Mexican girls right????????????

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    Because Its A Political Thing They Hate How Everyone(Americans) Call Them Mexican When They Are Not And They Will Hate Us Mexican In Everything Even Sports

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    It's because mexicans are prideful.

    If you were humble they would probably root for you. Many Americans as well are prideful unfortunately. That's why mexicans hate Americans.

    What are you going to do. People are people. Just don't let it get to you. That's how I see it. I never let things get to me. Especially if I have no control over it. I read this a long time ago.

    "Wise men never worry about what is out of their control"

    Source(s): Wisdom simplifies LIFE.
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    It goes both ways , mexicans also hate Central americans

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    envidia que su equipo nunca va a los mundiales y entre todos los paises en centroamerica no han alacanzado las copas regionales que tiene el gran Mexico..

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    Because they know that they suck and because we beat them in the CONCACAF

    World Cup Qualifiers. They're jealous of our country and come up with every little

    thing against us...

    Like this video of this Journalist in a sports show talking crap about how

    Honduran Women are "much better looking" than Mexican women...

    WTF does that have to do with sports!!!

    ~~~This is just ridiculous:

    Youtube thumbnail


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    Because Mexico stands in the "Way" of Their sneaking into the U.S. !!! How "Ironic" is THAT ?!! :o

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    we own concacaf and they cant beat us. they will never stand a chance against mexico so might as well give up ur hopes to go to a world cup...

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    darko is full of shet because i dont rub it in anyones face when mexico wins but central americans do. they hate us because they want to be us.

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