Who invented the tapping technique on guitar?

Just curious.

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    10 years ago
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    There's no real way to say for sure who "invented" it, but it's been around for a much longer time than most people think.

    Just as an example, Emmet Chapman invented the Chapman Stick in 1969 after modifying his guitar to better suit the two-hand tapping method he had developed. So even pre-1970 there were instruments designed to ONLY be tapped!

    Modern day tapping is often credited to Eddie Van Halen, who already had an extremely well-developed technique when Van Halen first showed up in 1978. The thing that set Eddie apart was that he would do intricate extended tapping passages, rather than just hitting a couple of notes. His style of tapping is easily the most widespread today, although there are several other guitarists that have developed the technique in amazing ways. Jennifer Batten, Steve Lynch, Stanley Jordan, Adam Fulara, and Don Lappin (who was a teacher of mine) are just a few.

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    10 years ago

    Tapping has been around on stringed instruments before the guitar, though they were not used as often. It's a pretty simple concept and I'm sure a lot of people have done it before it became popular.

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    Eddie Van Halen when he did ERUPTION on Van Halen's 1st album back in 1978, NO DOUBT!!!! He is superb at doing tapping, also known as hammer ons!!

    Source(s): VAN HALEN FAN and guitarist, I still can't play Eruption!!
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