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My foregn partners father has deposited some amount in bank of africa in senegal Dakar he expires few years ba?

his daughter is next of kin but living in refugee camp in Dakar,since she is refugee she can not come out of camp and bank asked her to look for an matured foregner partner and they can transfer the money to his account since i am also having account in Dakar in another bank is it possible for us to transfer these funds to my account if yes what are thformalitieses we have to dpleaseae advise me, thanks Amrik

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    Amrik - this is a SCAM. There are NO refugee camps in Dakar. This scam is more than 10 years old. There is no money, they don't need a foreign partner. And besides - have you ever seen a picture of an African refugee camp??? They don't have water or electricity, let alone computers with internet access

    Stop talking to this person immediately. It's nothing but a scam to get you to reveal your bank account number so they can hack into your account and steal all YOUR money.

    Google Senegal Refugee Scam and you'll see almost 60,000 hits - that's how common this is. I can't believe anyone would be naive enough to fall for this

    You should probably close your email and open a new account, only giving your address to people you actually know. You are now on a Mugu List and your email has been sold to other scammers who will continue to target you until you lose all of your money

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    i did no longer understand they have pcs with information superhighway get entry to in Refugee Camps!!! maximum individuals in different components who're working very stressful and making minimum wages are having themes having a working laptop or computing gadget at residing house, yet wait, there's a refugee camp in Dakar the place human beings have information superhighway get entry to. remarkable! look, inspite of ways the financial gadget appears like, think of two times, why interior the worldwide could you have somebody pass money on your account. You provide them your account counsel and the subsequent time you examine the account stability that's going to be a brilliant 0, if no longer already on the pink!

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    thare are NO refugee camps ..there are no millions

    it just a regular scam we get here every week ...

    its the nigerian trying to get your money

    Dont be daft and gullible

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    Sounds like scam.

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    boy, that sounds familiar

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