Windows 7 stalls 51% into upgrade from Vista. How do I solve this problem?

This happens in the last stage when programs and files are being loaded. The computer is a Dell 1525 laptop and is compatible for the upgrade.

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    10 years ago
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    Try this thread for more info:



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  • 3 years ago

    better than likly you might have a loose voucher coupon that asserts loose improve to 7 between such and such months. Do what that asserts and itll provide you training. Now in the journey that your desiring 2 issues. i assume you're saying improve so ill inform you the least perplexing way first purchase an improve disc to domicile windows 7 domicile top type. counting on your gadget youll pick the 32 or sixty 4 bit. Don not difficulty sixty 4 bit is roofed and so is 32 its a kit you get the two. Now insert it run it and enable it examine your comp. Then itll inform you what to do from there basic. The disc is one hundred twenty greenbacks determination 2 Scew each thing hp positioned on there and installation a sparkling os working gadget. Bam sparkling sparkling no application yet an os no not something. THats the entire installation disc not improve this is two hundred greenbacks On a factor notice Hp doesnt help domicile windows 7

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