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    Agree, Bryan Danielson needs to be on Monday Night RAW NOW

  • 4 years ago

    He's been a breath of very welcome fresh air. Prior to his WWE debut, I'd heard a lot of things about Daniel Bryan, almost all of them positive. I'd heard about how he was the "best wrestler in the world", how he was one of the last true submission-specialists, how he was a technical wrestling genius on par with greats like Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and about how he was going to "save" the WWE. To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement. I don't usually subscribe to the massively hyped stars who enter into the WWE from other promotions. Not because I doubt their credentials or anything like that, but because I find that when it comes to professional wrestling fans, especially internet wrestling fans, there is a tendency to blow things majorly out of proportion. Does anyone remember a guy named Ted Dibiase? He's a guy who I don't have any problems with; You can rely on him to produce a good, solid match almost every week (and there's nothing wrong with that, it makes the promotion better) but he never panned out as the wrestling demi-god people had hyped him up to be. I was worried that something similar would happen to Daniel Bryan. That he would arrive into the WWE with a hyped-to-the-moon reputation but would quickly fizzle out after an initial push and then be forever labeled a "bust" by the internet fans, which is exactly what occurred with Dibiase. However, that didn't happen. I know it's still early but so far, Bryan has been everything I hoped he would be and more. He has, by far, exceeded every expectation I had for him. As a wrestler, he's been just as great as everyone said he would be, but where I've been very pleasantly surprised with his performance has been in front of the crowds. I kind of assumed that he would be the typical "good wrestler-bad talker", but that just isn't the case at all. In fact, Bryan is a great talker. Is he Triple H on the microphone? No, but few are. He's got a great repore with the crowd, they like him, and he's a comfortable speaker. Want a perfect example of just how great Daniel Bryan has been for the WWE? Take a look at his recent feud with The Miz, which just wrapped up. That was the first true mid-card feud (meaning a rivalry between two guys who are genuine middle of the card wrestlers, not a main event guy stepping down or vice-versa) that was able to get really, truly hot. I mean, that was a must-see rivalry, and the matches between them were fantastic. Or more recently, take a look at his match on Sunday with Dolph Ziggler, which I thought was the match of the night. Those two were given a week, that's it, to build a story and have a pay-per-view quality match. To say the least, they exceeded expectations. That was the first time I'd heard the crowd chant: "This is awesome" since Wrestlemania 25 with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. And they were right, it WAS awesome. I'm not entirely sure of how Bryan's future will turn out with the WWE. I mean, he seems to be the total package with one obvious exception: His size. We all know the stories about how Vince loves to push size over everything else, and regardless of how skilled and talented he is, I'm not sure how well that bodes for Bryan. Hopefully he'll remain a major hit with the audiences though, that's the best thing he can do for himself to keep and advance his spot. Rey Mysterio has proven that if the crowds love you, size can take a back seat. (One positive indication so far has been Bryan's pay-per-view match record. I believe so far, he's 4-0, and has yet to lose a PPV match in the WWE. That's pretty cool)

  • 10 years ago

    his got the attitude and the drive but he needs a little work with others issue yes bring him to WWE Monday night RAW so Michael can run away while body guards hold him down then knock out The Miz now that was funny

  • Ippon
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    10 years ago

    Daniel Bryan is exactly what WWE needs. The MMA type hybrid wreslers (Like Bryan) are the wave of the future of North American wrestling (Japane already has them).

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes. This is one of WWE's best decisions in the last 15 years. Now, if WWE would push him to the World Championship...

  • 10 years ago

    He might just be but hasn't really done nothing!What happens backstage will be just as much of his carrer as what he does in the ring.I like him and hope he can excell to his full potentional.

    Hell ya

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    they built this misconception about daniel bryan when nxt started that he was boring and had no personality which is the complete opposite, he can work the mic better then everyone else on nxt

  • 10 years ago

    Agreed. Its nice to see WWE Creative FINALLY using their brains more.

  • 10 years ago

    Pretty much what I asked in my last question. I totally agree that was the most entertaining segment WWE has had in 2 years.

    I was going f--king crazy when he let it out on the Miz.

  • 10 years ago

    100% correct Sir!

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