What happens in Texas when you get a DUI while having a permit?

I was wondering what happens when you are caught and get a DUI when only having a permit in Texas. Do you get your permit restricted or if you cant get a license or what?

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    I live in Texas and have seen many of my customers kids get caught for this....

    You will only go to jail until someone bails you out and in Texas that's at least 18 hours unless you get caught on the weekend, $1000.00 dollars or 10 percent.....

    You will loose your permit for 6-months and if found guilty then you can reapply at 18 years of age...

    You will need to get a SR22 which means higher insurance rates...

    You will have to pay the state of Texas $1000.00 for the next three years, this is a state fine even if you don't drive..

    This will stay on your record for life in Texas...

    This will hurt when you are looking for a job and it will hurt your credit rating..

    You cannot get a regular attorney for this but instead you will need to hire a criminal attorney...

    The reason for a criminal attorney is two things, you are underage plus the DUI...

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    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database : http://SearchVerifyInfo.com/?ouiT
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  • 1 decade ago

    Texas is one of the zero tolerance for alcohol states. You will find out soon enough in court. You can expect to have your permit suspended and not allowed to get a license before age 18, plus a fine. You might also get some jail time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My friend got a DUI, he said he got his permit suspended and he can't get his license until he's 18.

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