Any news about Notion Ink Adam ?

Does anybody know when this will be released or pre-order ?




wow, I wanted one now :-)

I hope they dont take that long to release it.

Update 2:

I never thought about that...."if apple just slides them some dough and it never gets released".

Now that will really, really, suck !

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    1 decade ago
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    Notion Ink has given this dream to many people for a long have an extremely hi-tech device that is affordable, at only around $329; I personally have been looking forward to this device for like months now, and when the device does come out, I hope to be one of the first to get it, whatever that even means.

    Anyways, almost certainly, their customer support will suck for at least a few years--I have sent some emails and not seen any reply yet. Also, they have not updated like anything on their website since April 3rd, the date of the last blog on their website--and this post itself doesn't say anything about the product or any updates. So, for over a month and a half there has been absolutely no news of this product except for speculation, especially since June is almost here. Chances are, it will come out in August or may even take until the end of the year; again, this is purely speculation and for all that I, or anybody else out there knows, this product might never come out on the market. Sorry, I really do hope it does, but the product developers are doing an extremely crappy job keeping fans' hopes alive. I am certain that they have a fanbase in the thousands for those looking forward to buying their product; however, no updates on any progress for months....

  • 1 decade ago

    I too check for the ink regularly. Truth is I would not even be shocked if apple just slides them some dough and it never gets released. I was way way high on this, mostly as an ereader, but NO updates for a couple of months? nothing? Is that the type of company to which you would trust your money?

    I'd forget it and look for something else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    last i heard was a mid june-july release date, but now due to an issue with the tegra gpu and the integration of flash they will be releasing it December-January at the earliest. Sad huh

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