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How much is Club Med Thailand per night per person?

How much is it for kids, too? I know it varies from season to season, but roughly how much? I can't find the prices anywhere!

Thanks in advance


They have many confusing websites. They crash in safari. There are no prices.

If you went to Club Med, how was it?


Where are their prices?

Thanks in advance.

(Please no top contributers, thanks).

Update 2:

Dear Kevin O,

I'm not American

Update 3:

Where do Club Med show their prices?

I'm not interested in a Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysian third-party website!

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    10 years ago
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    "They crash in safari."


    Well Firefox and Camino are free browsers that will work on a Mac. Try a different browser! Or if that still doesn't work try a different computer!

    Club Med Reviews:

    Rates (Prices:)

    (Above links all worked with Safari on my computer.)

    Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Like another poster said (top contributor at that) you have to write or call them for the rates. You are not going to get it online. If you have to ask they most likely don't want you.

    Since most of us top contributors here live or spend most of there time in Thailand we seem to know more about it then you tourist do. So take some advice from others, There are plenty of nice resorts on Phuket that are affordable on the beach you can stay at other then just saying you stayed at Club Med. Thai people love young western kids you see them always playing and talking with them.

    Most resorts here will quote a price for two persons, kids may stay free up to a certain age, then you will have an additional bed or room charge, also if breakfast is free you may have an additional charge for that too.

    Go to websites like and check out some of the resorts.

    Source(s): me,who live here and a top contributor
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  • 10 years ago

    don't know but I would like to ask americans why they go club med.The club in Kata Phuket is a really nice looking place with all facilities that you could ever want,right on a gorgeous beach,looks clean,well ordered....everything you could want as a base.I have been to Kata literally dozens of times but I have never ever met an you people never leave the club? and if so why bother going half way round the world? please explain...this isn't a piss take ..every time i walk past it bothers me

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Why not contact them through thier web site and ask? I'm sure prices will vary depending on what type of room you choose and time of year.

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