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How can I get my waterproof eyeliner to not smear?

I wear waterproof eyeliner and it doesn't smear as much as non waterproof. BUT I would still love to not have to worry about my eyeliner smearing. Does anyone have tips?

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    Very old tip. Use petroleum jelly just above and just below where you will apply the eyeliner. Use a q-tip to gently slide it over your skin. You do not need much at all. Not even enough to really be visible. And finally. Do Not touch your eyes once the eyeliner is applied. Use a cotton swab or another q-tip to smooth or make the effect smokey. The oils on your finger tips mix with the eye liner and undoes the purpose of waterproofing!

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    try a eyelid primer like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

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