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Are they going to make The Subtle Knife into a movie?

I LOVE his dark materials trilogy and i saw the golden compass movie when it came out and than i read the books and they are GREAT!!!!!!!!! can anyone tell me if they're going to make the rest of them into a movie and if so when? It would really help! Thanks! :)

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    From Wikipedia:

    "Before the release of The Golden Compass on December 7, 2007, New Line said that an adaptation of The Subtle Knife would go into production only if the first film was a success. The Golden Compass made over twice its budget worldwide, but was a disappointment in the United States, leaving the fate of its sequel unclear. The international rights were also originally sold to provide financing for the first film, thus amounting to a significant disappointment for New Line Cinema. Producer Deborah Forte, however, is adamant that she will finish the trilogy, saying, "I believe there are enough people who see what a viable and successful franchise we have."

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    A e book it incredibly is "stable" adequate to be made right into a action picture is uncomplicated and nicely-consumer-friendly. i don't think of they might make a action picture on a e book that's not huge apple circumstances Bestseller. they may well be classics like Jane Eyre or only fads like Twilight. the two way, they very hardly make stable diversifications of the novels. once you write a singular, it is written in blood, sweat and tears. With writing you create, with filming you're only changing the tale to a distinctive media. i'm particular it is not straight forward artwork, whether it is only not comparable to writing a singular. in spite of this it is all fairly subjective. I propose, Pan's Labyrinth replaced into outstanding and that has blood, sweat and tears written throughout it.

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    I actually disliked his book series, so I doubt it will be made into any more movies especially since the golden compass didn't make that much money.

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