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Probably the only question from me today.?

Recently my beloved baseball team declared bankruptcy. So my question is first, how many NHL's have filed for Chapter 11? I know the Penguins have done it twice. Also, what exactly happens to a hockey team once that happens? I know what happens to individuals but not so much organizations.

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Glasses??? You ARE a nerd!!

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    According to the NHL's legal department the following teams declared bankruptcy

    Pittsburgh Penguins 1975

    Pittsburgh Penguins 1998

    Ottawa Senators 2003

    Buffalo Sabres 2003

    Phoenix Coyotes 2009

    Here's an article after the Sabres bankruptcy dteailing them as the 3rd team to declare bankruptcy

    Shakey - can you provide proof of the Seal's bankruptcy and the Predators? Neither the Predators or their owner (Leipold) ever declared bankruptcy and the Seals went from being owned by Charlie Finley to the Gund family (current minority owner of the Sharks) and the Gund family never declared bankruptcy while they owned the Seals, Barons, North Stars or Sharks. A group that tried to buy the Seals in 1970 went bankrupt before the sale completed, but the team never declared bankruptcy

    Finley gave up on the tream and abandoned them (they lost $117K in 73-74), but when the NHL facilitated the sale from Finley to the Gunds, Finley was still technically the owner.

    Edit - It mentions on Wikipedia that the NHL ran the team more than a year between Finley abandoning it and an eventual sale to a Mervyn Swig. Total Hockey (The Official Encyclopedia of the National Hockey League) confirms this, and that Swig sold the team to the Gunds. But still no bankruptcy. I have absolutely no recollection of anybody named Swig (must be a senior's moment)!

    Interestingly, Del Biaggio was a minority owner of the Sharks from 2000 to 2007 until he joined the Predators ownership group (with the intent of moving the team to Kansas City as we now know)

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    Wow. I can't remember them all but here goes a try:

    1970 - California Golden Seals*

    1974 - California Golden Seals

    1975 - Pittsburgh Penguins

    1980 - Atlanta Flames*

    1998 - Pittsburgh Penguins

    2003 - Buffalo Sabers

    2003 - Ottawa Senators

    2008 - Nashville Predators*

    2009 - Phoenix Coyotes

    *Owner bankrupt sold team for personal, not business reasons (I know this is debatable)

    BQ: I'm part nerd because I'm studying for the LSAT, or does that make me soulless?

    LITY - I read this article on Del Biaggio I now realize he is a minority owner

    So scratch Nashville off

    The best I could find on the Seals was Finley having to sell the team to the NHL due to financial problems, I will take your word over what I find on the net

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    BQ: I'm "part" nerd because I have over a dozen computers in my house (at least half custom built), 3 or which are running server OS's, and another two running Debian and Red Hat. I have a degree in computer programming, I'm A+ certified and I've pretty much spent the last two decades in front of a keyboard. I'm currently working as an IT Tech, Systems Administrator and Software Developer all at once. I think I win this competition.

    Ironically, I was also a jock.

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  • 10 years ago

    Your real question has been attacked by Shakey and Lity. Btw, congrats Lity to your Hawks. I am sure you are crapping bricks right now. I thinking 3 years ago, I promised something if the Hawks win in the next decade, but I do not remember what it was....

    BQ: I am part nerd because, I love Star Wars.

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    my money is on the barons...

    BQ* I'm part nerd b/c i have a comic collection, i watch mostly horror movies and make a joke out everything.. oh and i wear glasses now

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