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Can someone justify Tiger Wood's wife demanding $750 million in the divorce settlement?

Elin Nordegren is demanding 750 million dollars as well as custody of the children and to not be limited by a confidentiality clause for the settlement of her divorce with Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is only worth 600 million dollars.

Can someone please justify these demands? Essentially all the money that the couple earned was earned by Tiger - Elin was a model prior to marrying Tiger, but she wasn't exactly famous, nor was her net worth even in the same ballpark. I really had never even heard of her before this whole mess started.

Can anyone honestly justify her demands of putting her former husband 150 million dollars into debt? It seems absurdly excessive to me.

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    If she thinks she can actually get it (or close to it), then she is justified in going after it.

    Would YOU turn down demanding $750 million if you were led to believe by the justice and family court system that there was a decent chance that you could come away with that amount (or close to it)? There IS legal precedent for high profile divorces with athletes and actors (see Jordan, Michael), so it's not too unreasonable to expect that she'll receive a hefty sum.

    Really, Tiger SHOULD have known that this would happen. A married man needs to be smart enough to realize that he WILL be financially raped in a divorce, and prepare accordingly. Ignorance is not an excuse, and claiming discrimination and inequality will get you nowhere.

    No it's not fair, but my point is that Tiger should have known that it wouldn't be.

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    can't justify it. But, as has been mentioned, with the courts the way they are she might as well try. And if Woods was gonna hook up with a trashy goldigger, he should have been smart enough to get a pre-nup. Or divorce her BEFORE he went chasing strange.

    But he's Just another dumb, extremely talented athlete. The numbers of those that have been hosed down in the courts are legion. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. If he gets good attorneys he'll still end up with way more than I'll ever have.

    There's just something wrong with a country that will pay jocks 500-5000 times what they will to people trying to find a cure for cancer or doing research on fusion, and a hundred other things that are a hell of a lot more important than whacking balls with clubs or sticks.

  • It is insane, totally insane. Of course, the 'family' court will side with her, but 750 MILLION???

    And God knows how much more he may have to pay in child support.

    We only heard of this because it's so high-profile, but things like this happen everyday. Can you imagine a man, celebrity or not, getting even $1 for being bad in bed and/or for divorcing a cheating wife (celebrity or not) no matter how many people she slept with?

    Tiger Woods is just another male victim of the screwed up system.

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    the justification is that it is common knowledge that family courts are biased and corrupt, and provide financial incentives for divorce, and frequently award divorcing women huge sums of money. it is like going into a completely corrupt, dishonest, biased casino.. that has a track record of handing out big rewards to women, and screwing over men.. in that case, a woman would be justified to expect all the money, the kids, etc...

    in a more perfect world, fit parents would share custody equally, and the divorcing wife would not receive a financial reward or incentive for divorce or splitting up the family.. a more just system of family law would not reward women who broke up marriages, but instead provide financial incentives for married couples to work thru thier problems, and financial incentives to strengthen marriages and families..

    the fact that the wife is the one filing for divorce, and demanding sole custody, should prompt the court to award her minimal economic claims, and give primary custody to Tiger.

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    Instead of asking a question about something you "heard", why don't you do some googling and find out as much truth about it as possible before making ignorant statements. The "nanny" you talk about is his WIFE and they were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. He put himself in his current problem without regard to his financial situation, past or future.

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    There is no justification for this man to go in debt in regards to divorce, after EARNING 600 million dollars. No ways around it, that's rape. I wouldn't be surprised if this was some kind of tactic by her.Thinking that if she performs lousy sex or withhold, he will eventually cheat and she will collect. Oldest trick in the book.

    Any decent human being would only want what they think would be fair.

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    10 years ago

    I don't necessarily agree with it, but he did put her through a lot of pain and suffering. In court if someone causes you damages, physical or psychological or both, you can sue them for way more then they are worth. So I'd assume the justification is the same or similar? Who knows. If I was her I'd just want to get the hell out of that marriage as quickly possible, not draw the whole processes out with excessive court battles.

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    There's only one justification -- she has the thing that T. Woods wanted -- a vagina.

    It doesn't matter if she was/is boring and a lousy lay. And that she battered him with golf clubs.

    I'm not sure what Mr. Woods was expecting when he married such a boring, lousy lay.

    Another important lesson [in a chain of lessons] that men who marry just for looks, should learn by heart.

  • Erin
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    You're assuming logic is applied to celebrity divorces. That's clearly not the case. There are no justifications.

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    Demanding more then half his assets is a bit excessive. She should get custody of the kids so he can live his playboy lifestyle without it ill affecting the children.

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