why all the sellers in grandbazaar and sultanahmed area (Istanbul) are kurds ?

All receptionists, waiters, peddlers ( who sell boiled corns, grilled chestnuts, bagels), carpet sellers...etc. are kurds. And i see they are proud of to be kurd and do some hate speech about turks (like they are oppressed ) Especially i gone there to learn about turkish culture but when i saw almost 80% worker population of kurds, i was a bit shocked.

Why turks do not represent their own culture but they let kurds to do? and Can you pls tell me if they are victims how come they can be so free to speak their own language and make speech as they want and make a lot of money in Istanbul?


Do not call me "fool", they are the people who make racist speech toward turks even tho they are earning a lot of money. Not only workers their bosses are kurds too and it is strange to me because people goes that area to see turkish culture, not kurdish. How do i know they are kurds? Because they even told me they can make love better than a turk. Maybe that guy was an uneducated but all seemed same to me. My opinion turks should not let kurds represent their culture in such wrong way. They are no where to go? Their homeland is Istanbul? I do not think so.

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    as a tourist you understood they are kurds?

    well lowest paid jobs are for the immigrants and they are the immigrants. middle class educated people prefer to work in skilled jobs rather than making the image of turkey in grand bazaar.

    the municipality hires workers dressed in traditonal ottoman clothes selling traditional drinks, foods etc.. but they are mostly kurds again.

    @Kemalist, you are dumb. they are immigrants from eastern turkey to western turkey. yes they are domestic immigrants. and did you know that 1 million kurds passed from iran to turkey in a very short duration like a night???

    you are dumb in that case.

    well rrr is not very wrong;

    they have tribal feudal lifestyle.

    the biggest mafias are kurds

    they have very high crime rate

    they are the most of the drug dealers

    they kill their daugthers for talking to guys and kill their sons for being gays

    they think they jumped a social class when they put few thousand liras in their pockets.

    the kurdish guys who think they jumped a class, wear italian designer black suits and go to the clubs, end up hitting on turkish girls. but they miss a fact that they havent learn manners yet. LOL

    however there are educated and nice kurds, in a less number according to the crowd doing the things i mentioned.

    i'm not racist. if i hated a nice person for being a kurd then i would be a racist. but i call things by their names.

    no they are only victims when they go to europe for being "asylum seekers" . I know many stories of kurds, making up supression tales to get a citizenship from uk, france or belgium. they come and tell it in turkey like they gained a victory for telling lies and getting a citizenship. yes, very lame and low..... lowest of the low....

    It's the fault of UK FRANCE BELGIUM SWITZERLAND now they deal with immigrant problems.


    The Kemalist, (dont use that name you are not a turk and dont deserve to mention Atatürk),

    Do you have a statistics for the origins of the turks in germany?? lol they are mostly from eastern turkey, and eastern turkey is mainly occupied by kurds and killing daughters is a habit of kurds. find a case from turks then i'll say OK.

    Central cities, Afyon,Sivas,Çorum and few others, are occupied by kurds in the process of turkificiation, in a number of 1.5 million roughly, though they are adopting turkish culture and losing their identity; they still remain their routines and habits in some part of their lives. and they are the poorest of central anatolia again, migrated to germany.

    You know nothing, but talking like that on purpose. who cares what they think in germany about turks? i'll be more than happy if they take all the kurds of turkey and settle them in their country no matter what they say about turks haha

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    1 decade ago

    Kurds come to the big cities to work,that's it.Once a Kurdish community is established,the friends and family come to,this is why you are seeing so many Kurds in the West of Turkey.

    Its always been like this and always will be.If Kurds had a province in the South East to rule themselves,they would still come to Turkish cities to work.If Northern Iraq was stabilized,and a majority Kurdish area was made,they would still make their way West to the big cities.

    Ethnic Turks cant really do anything,Kurds are Turkish citizens,so they are free to go where they want.

    In the past 40 or so years the Kurds have 'awoken' from the simple life they were living in the East.They want the same life as the rest of us(which they are entitled to),but they have no right to demand Turkish land for themselves.

    If Kurds got the land they wanted...they would still come to Turkish cities to work and live.

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    i just wanted to say that i am Turkish and "boiled corns, grilled chestnuts and carpets aren't necessarily the center of our culture" and no way that those Kurds represent the Turkish culture. additionally as a Turk and a resident of Istanbul i've visited Grandbazaar and Sultanahmed area probably less than an average British, and i just don't understand why tourists tend to think that location is the heart of Turkey and the way of life in it. there's just so much more to Turkish culture that those you mentioned don't even come to my mind at first glimpse. i don't even get close to those places unless i exclusively need something from there. anyway what i said so far is obviously just what i think and not the overall Turkish perspective.

    about your question, that why all those medium to low class workers are generally Kurds.. i'd say due to the educational, cultural and intellectual differences on average; a lot of the worker population consists of Kurds. and it's unbeknownst to me either why they act like oppressed victims in a country they're so free.

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    'Because they even told me they can make love better than a turk.' Oh wowww! So "ALL the sellers in grandbazaar and sultanahmed area' told you this specifically? You so don't make sense. Then international immigration should also be illegal seeing as (apparently!) people only belong to their homeland. They don;t speak their own language by the way, they get Turkish taught at schools. And anyone, who puts effort in the job. should have the right to earn money for that job. So yes, they will be free to make ' a lot of' money in Istanbul. Gosh, how can you have such a low common sense?

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    Because they are the "Republic of Turkey" citizens and have same rights as much as a Turk.

    The Kemalist; First of all change your way of talking...Kurds are immigrants which come from east of Turkey. I totally agree with "Iph".

    People who talks below, about kurds, obviously dont know anything about them.. Listen, selling goods is totally free of course, for turks, kurds, albanians, caucasians etc...But not free to occupy a place and dont let other people earn money as mafia style. Doesnt matter if they have permission to sell something, kurds wouldnt want to share cake....Even when they sell illegally without permission they are fighting against officers...Thats what going on.

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    Racist fool

    "Why turks do not represent their own culture but they let kurds to do? and Can you pls tell me if they are victims how come they can be so free to speak their own language and make speech as they want and make a lot of money in Istanbul?" you asked

    Every person in Turkey is a citizen of Turkish Republic and they are free to speak their own language and earn money.

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    Their homeland is not Istanbul.

    The situation is the same all over the world. The working class, poorer people do the unskilled labour. As for the insulting of Turks, it's alright, they can speak, as long as people don't think they are Turkish that's fine.

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    1 decade ago

    Because, becoming a seller does not require any education and since they do not see any sense in getting educated they choose the easiest job they can do. Usually all kind of sellers, taxi drivers or dolmuş (kinda mini bus) drivers. No offense, its true!

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    most of those who sell boiled corns, stuffed mussels, chestnuts etc. also muggers and drug dealers have connections with kurdish mafia and remotely with pkk(kurdish terrorist organization). they won't let others to sell such stuff in istanbul, ankara, izmir and other major cities.

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