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To all my liberal friends, lets discuss the difference between a natural disaster(Katrina) and man made(BP)?

There is 0 difference and here's my point.

Let's say Joe Biden craps his pants. Now.....that's man made because he did it right. It's a mess and it was made by a man (supposedly). It's also a natural disaster. Any Doctor will tell you that when you get older, you naturally lose a little control over your bowels and Joe is old so it's only natural that he makes a mess in his drawers...Please discuss.


Edit: Calm Like a Bomb.....I hope you are being sarcastic. That is the dumbest answer I've ever gotten on any question ever. few tar balls......wait a few weeks and then come back to this question to apologize for being a complete moron.....

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    If Obama isnt responsible for a lack of federal response regarding the BP spill then Bush sure as hell cant be blamed for a lack of federal response regarding Katrina.

    By the way, it was Obama who gave them a safety award, not Bush.

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    The climate is always changing. However when you see temperatures change faster than what has occurred in the past and when you find good correlation between rising CO2 levels and rising global temperatures over the past century, you have a pretty good idea that it is not completely natural. Edit: you are probably waiting for somebody to use the word correlation so that you can say correlation does not equal causality, which is true. The causality comes from the physics of CO2 absorbing IR radiation. Edit: ohh, somebody below me tried to post a link to a wall street journal opinion piece, however failed to post the link properly. That is the problem with deniers, they think opinion pieces actually have some validity.

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    Are you serious? Natural disaster (no human hand involved), BP disaster (human hand messing with nature). Two totally different things.

    Rule of thump: Natural disaster is an event that would have happened regardless of whether human existed or not.

    Human event such as pooping on your pants is not a natural disaster because the event wouldn't have happened had the human not existed.

  • Kevin
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    10 years ago

    So, your reasoning for saying that Katrina's disaster and the oil spill disaster are the same is whether or not a person takes a dump in their pants? I was hoping you might actually have something intelligent to say, but clearly, my hope was misplaced.....

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    Lol. Wow. Of course there is a difference.

    One was natural and One was caused by a greedy monolithic corporation out to maximize profit.

    How do you not understand the difference?

    This oil spill was specifically caused due to an exclusionary permit issued that allowed them to circumvent industry standard safety practices.

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    10 years ago

    Ah, but federal law says BP is responsible for the cleanup. What happened to government needing to keep it's hands out of everything?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If you can't see the difference between the devastation of Katrina and a few tar balls washing up on the shore, I pity you!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Man ***** with nature and you get the oil spill incident

  • Dale
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    10 years ago

    So Bush was a natural disaster and a man made disaster.

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    Hey, shall we discuss what happened to all that gray stuff that's supposed to be between your ears? I don't have a clue what you're talking about, but I'm guessing you don't see other folks very much in your life.

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