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why is it important to understand challenges in a species enviroment in order to understand the species' evolution? example of an animal and plant

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    It is important to understand challenges in a species environment because it is these challenges that depend on how a species will adapt.

    When a species is presented with a challenge within its environment, e.g. predation then the species will evolve to try and escape the predation.

    For example the peppered moth, Their colour is lighter in rural areas than in urban areas. This is because in urban areas there is more soot and pollutants in the air around the habitat and being darker coloured helps them camoflague against animals such as owls so there is a smaller chance they will get eaten. If lighter coloured peppered moths lived in urban areas then they would stand out against the concrete and other dark material.

    Simply, this adaptation has happened because the moths that are lighter coloured in urban areas get eaten more frequently than the darker coloured ones meaning they cant breed and pass on their genes. The ones that are better adapted to the urban area are less frequently eaten and can therefore pass on their genes to their offspring.

    The most adapted individuals of a species are able to interbreed and pass on their genes whilst the genes of the less adapted individuals are lost from the gene pool. Evolution is what makes cheetahs run fast and lions stealthy and what brought about the noticable difference in the beak shape and strength of darwins galapogas finches.

    Evolution can only happen if a species is challenged in their environment. If we are aware of what challenges a species faces, then we are able to explain why the species have evolved the way they have.

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    Because organisms will adapt to their environments, and these adaptations lead to evolution. Fishes evolved gills to allow them to extract O2 from the water in which they live. Cacti developed tissues to store water because they live in extremely arid environments.

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