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How can I reopen my Indesign CS5 documents in CS3?

I have been using a trial offer for Indesign CS5. It's no better than CS3, apart from a save as EPUB function. Now I want to open my documents in my old Indesign CS3 but I can't. Export, Save as, etc. Nothing works! Please help...

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    i was trying to figure out the same thing and this is what i found.

    "But since you're working in CS5 now, there is no INX export from CS5, you have to go to IDML (InDesign Markup Language), if you want to open that in CS4. But if you want to go from CS5 to CS3, you have to export from CS5 to IDML, then export from CS4 to CS3 in the INX format.....And I agree you should be able to save to legacy file formats, as far back as CS or even pagemaker or framemaker or something. That is one thing that has annoyed me about CS5, there is no way to go back to CS3 unless you have CS4. CS5 doesn't have the inx export, only IDML, and CS3 can't open IDML files."

    I worked so hard on my project for school to find out that i won't be able to open the file at school so i can print it from there and turn it in on time. :( good luck to you.

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