fujitsu netbook M1010 無線接收器關左?

fujitsu netbook M1010 無線接收器關左? (燈無亮) 按fin + F1無出現畫面選擇開關, 請各位仁兄幫幫忙解決...十分感激

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Due to the M1010 haven't got a hardware function key to ON/OFF wireless model.

    You can try to goto program and see there have and Wireless program under Fujitsu provide to open up the wireless connection manager to see it resolve your problem or not.

    Or you can goto network connection and check wireless connection has been disable or enable by "right click" to see how it goes.

    If the problem remain you might need to call fujitsu hotline get them to resolve your problem.

    Hope the information help!


  • kc
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    1 decade ago

    1>有無睇過notebook 的機身外面,有個wifi的開關掣是否在on上。

    2>right click wifi connection 的icon 看是否已停用,如真的話選擇啟動就ok


    2010-05-29 11:26:10 補充:

    wifi的開關掣是指一個硬體掣 ,並非 FN + WiFi 這個軟體掣

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