What is incremental thinking?

I've been asked to write about this, but can't find this on the internet. I need to relate this to Free Market Economies and Consumption and Production. I would even appreciate if anyone knows a good website where incremental thinking is discussed so I can understand the concept.. Thanks

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    "That" is the result of innovative thinking. "This" is the result of incremental thinking.

    Organizations think. They think about earnings. They think about market share. They think

    about growth. Why then, if organizations have the capacity to think, do so many of them not

    think of “that”? That is the next big idea. That is the headline that grabs analysts’ attention.

    That is the $500 million growth opportunity. That is the future. That is the object of the statement,

    “Why didn’t I think of that?” Unfortunately, these words are painstakingly more common

    than “I thought of that!” Why? And how can organizations think of that more often?

    In order to promote innovation as an organization capability, organizations must first understand

    why they lack the capacity to think of that. The reason is profoundly simple. Most organizations

    are thinking of this. This is the cash cow. This is today’s product. This is the organization’s

    existing market share. This is often the reason why organizations do not think of

    that. Unfortunately, the religious practice of worshipping at the altar of the cash cow is oftentimes

    the greatest obstacle to innovation. The inability to understand what the organization

    does well versus what it sells is a stumbling block to growth.

    The whole article here:


    More here:


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  • quade
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    Incremental Thinking

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    It's when you think in increments, a little at a time, because if you tried to comprehend all of the world around you and the profound nature of our universe your frail mortal mind would shatter into more pieces than even the most powerful Dyson vacuum could ever truly clean up.

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    Incremental, as today the Obama administration wants to introduce the Nazis into our Community. He Shakes Hands with all Foreign Government. Then uses the power of America to build his own power. Obama is a very dangerous Person, luv ser

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