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Where can I look for an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden?

I am a student who may be going to stockholm, Sweden to study. I want to get an understanding of the types of apartments available to me and the cost. I also want to potentially start looking for an apartment. Where can I find one? Is there a website I browse for apartments close to Stockholm University?

Any information is welcomed. Also I wouldn't mind contacting someone by email to ask questions about studying and living in Sweden. If you are willing to answer my questions please leave your email below. I appreciate any help.


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  • Elise
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    1 decade ago
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    You should start with SSSB, which have studio apartments for students around Stockholm. Get in the queue now though, the waiting list is months long (and years for the city center). It should say something that you have to log on every 3 months to keep your place in line. The apartments they offer are usually much cheaper than non-student apartments.

    If you'll be an exchange student, you can apply to Kista Apartments:

    There are a couple more sites with student apartments, but only in Swedish:

    The housing situation in Stockholm is very difficult for renters because there are more people living there than there are apartments to rent. You'll need an apartment until your place in line comes up though. First-hand contracts are extremely difficult to get, the waiting list in the city center is over 10 years long and up to a year in the suburbs. Competition is high on 2nd-hand contracts too, and you can't expect to get a rental near the university until you get a student apartment (which is ok, because public transport is quick and very good).

    But here are a few sites for 2nd-hand rentals.. 1:a/etta is a studio, rum is a room in shared housing and 2:a is a one-bedroom. Google Translate gives a readable translation.

    You have to pay a fee to use BostadDirekt, but many people have said it's the quickest way to a 2nd-hand rental, with fewer "black market" deals.

    I'll answer your questions, just email me through my profile.

    Source(s): used to live/study in Stockholm
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