What are the PROs and CONs of switching from R-22 to R-410a freon in my House?

Pros and Cons of using R-22 instead of R-410a?

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  • John W
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    10 years ago
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    The cessation of R-22 use was mandated back when the environmental concern was the ozone layer. That was also the reason why R-12 was replaced with R-134a in car air conditioners. The ozone hole has actually gone away in the last few years with the ozone layer being restored faster than expected but the legislation to phase out R-22 is still in place so although we may no longer need to phase it out to save the ozone layer, we're still committed to doing so. However, our current environmental concern is global warming and the global warming potential of R-410a is 1,725 (that's 1,725 times that of CO2) which is slightly worse than that of R-22 (1,700) so phasing out R-22 in favour of R-410a addresses a past environmental issue that is no longer a concern at the marginal expense of the current environmental issues. From a usage point of view, R-410a requires higher pressures and hence is more dangerous to handle and it's operating ranges is less ideal meaning that on particularly hot days, a R-410a system may not be able to keep up. If your R-22 unit is still in good condition, I would say that it would be better off as a R-22 unit for the time being. Convert to R-410a when your R-22 unit needs to be replaced and no sooner.

    Ironically, ammonia is a much better refrigerant than either R-22 or R-410a, has a global warming potential of zero and is what's used at larger installations but you won't see it in residential use due to toxicity, a tendency to explode, a strong odor and the fact that it can't be patented.

    Basically, back when it was decided we should switch to R-410a, we thought it would be better for the environment but that is no longer the case however we're going ahead with the conversion or too many companies will loose money already invested.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Pros- r410 is better for the environment(i think)

    Cons- Cost for the conversion

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  • 10 years ago

    ester oils and cost of refrigerant

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