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Why would Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City?

Remember that no all Muslims are terrorist, but ALL terrorist are Muslim! remember that!

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    I'm not sure what you mean by this question (hatred or serious question), but you answer part of it in your additional information.

    NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists, some actually FEEL sorrow and shame/pain at what a few did. Perhaps you should ask them why they want to build there. Perhaps it is to remind others that the legacy of hate is not part of their Faith, but that of others.

    Now, to pick your question apart, a little. Not ALL terrorists are Muslim. Remember Oklahoma City and the Uni bomber? I don't think he was Muslim, but he was a terrorist. Over the years, I can recall several that were not Muslim, or even religious. Its just that Americans tend to use the term terrorist to refer to those who are Muslim, and use other terms when they fear that it will reflect badly on a minority group in the US. What about the sniper in D.C.? What about the Japanese soldiers who took planes and dived into US ships during WWII? Sorry, but those guys could be called terrorists. The Japanese called them Kamikaze, or Divine Wind, because they were their best hopes at stopping the US War Machine that they stirred up on Dec. 7, 1941. Even that attack could be considered a terrorist attack, or an act of war, depending on your point of view.

    In the 1980s, there was a phrase, "Kill one and terrify a thousand." While most people pretend that it didn't happen, Iran was behind a lot of terrorist events, mostly hijackings but also bombings, and kept us hoping day and night trying to prevent them. This was a political war, not religious, and we were involved in the Middle East in teaching some groups how to resist the USSR and its invasion into the Middle East. Guess what? Those groups, that the US trained, went on to cause the USSR to collapse, and now uses those tactics against the US. I'm sure Iran still has a hand involved, as the US has caused no end of pain to many groups in the Middle East, and other nations, over time.

    If you have hatred involved in this statement, I ask that you drop it. What happened on 9/11 did not involve all Muslims, or even Christians. While the rules of war that I was taught would call it wrong, those laws have changed. Today, the US allows torture of SUSPECTS, which was criminal in the past. No doubt they rape the women they capture, as part of the "interrogation" or part of a search (leave it to a man to come up with this stuff). Every suspect that gets tortured, and not killed, can go on to become a new terrorist, even if s/he wasn't before. We learned this in Vietnam, but since no President served in that war, you get what we have here. Non-military types making laws about things they don't understand.

    I do not agree with what they did, or why, but I know enough not to hate everyone from the Middle East. Terrorism is an "advance" of the use of booby-traps from Vietnam, where an inferior force cannot stand against the US, and uses any means it can to level the playing field. At some point, the US has got to learn that it cannot keep playing the games it has been, with foreign governments, and not suffer from it. In Panama, we taught then turned on them. In Iraq, the same game. It really is no wonder that the US has enemies in many countries, even in those we tried to help.

    If the US tries to fight all Muslims, they will lose this war, just like Vietnam and the Crusades. While the government "says" it doesn't want that, the PEOPLE are using hate to build that very type of war. We have to remember that the Muslims are very similar to christians, there are extreme views in both groups. Atheists judge ALL christians, and that is what christians want to do with Islam. Perhaps the US needs to put a religious tolerance class in schools, to teach others to accept and not judge.

  • Correct. Not all Muslims are terrorists but MOST terrorists are Muslims. I think part of the reason is to tone down, again, the attention to the Muslim world on the subject of terrorism.

    Isn't it interesting how OUTRAGED all of the Muslims were when cartoons of Mohammad were posted in a newspaper in Norway, yet there is no outrage over all the terrorist acts all over the world done by mostly Muslims. Where are the Muslims taking to the streets over these violent acts committed in the name of their religion? You don't see many do you? Nope, only when cartoons of Mohammad are posted.

    This caller (a Muslim) to a talk show is the perfect example of what I'm talking about:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Added: See you've got all the drones fired up by saying "all" Muslims are terrorists. There is no doubt, at all, that MOST terrorists are Muslim.


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    To rub it in our face so we never forget. Not that we would. More should the question be why would the people of NYC even allow it? Why would America allow it to happen? Of all places that should be the last. I heard there is plenty of land in Cuba and Mexico that would embrace the idea of a Mosque.

    America is too weak and because of it we need a leader who can take the bull by the horns and stop this from happening, if not stop it but make it difficult to happen. The leaders in America have been weak and have not done anything to protect a country that was once the best country in the world.


    Why should we put religious acceptance in American schools of other countries and their religion and beliefs? Why don't we do what other countries do and put a gun in the arms of the American children and teach them how to become killers and go to other countries and blow them up and their people for no reason. Why should we value any enemy's life for regardless of their age or location? Regardless of their religion?


    Please wake up and smell it for what it is and not what you feel it should be. One day America is going to be taken over by another country and then you're grandchildren and children will become slaves to these people. Don't you see what has happened to America?

    Someone needs to give France back The Statue of Liberty.

    When my grandfather came to America he joined the war and thought it was an honor to serve a country that allowed him to enter into it. He peddled a cart and did what he could to make a dream come true. He worked his butt off to make it a better life for him and his children, thus his grandchildren. To see his efforts being blown away by scum, again, regardless of where it comes from is a blemish on the meaning of the American Flag.


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    Um.. no? What about the Unabomber, or the man that drove his plane into the IRS building. There are many other examples.

    But to answer your question, I don't know why they would want to build a mosque there, this is the first time hearing about this.

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    There are a lot of Muslims in New York City? That would be a first guess.

    I agree that Islamic society would never tolerate a Catholic church being built outside Mecca, for instance, but that's what makes us better than them and not the other way around.

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    All terrorists are Muslim?

    So ALL the IRA members were Muslim?

    ALL the Contras?

    All the members of the Basque separatist movement?


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    They already occupy the White House so why not?

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    Timothy McVeigh was one crazy muslim

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    [ALL terrorist are Muslim!]???

    How long do you think it would take for some Teabagger to blow it up?

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    To irritate the hell out of real Americans! Why should we let them do it?

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