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if orlando wants to in should they take carter out?

yes or no


i knew they would

Update 2:

ok ok i disagree with anderson over lewis though but everything else is legit

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    I think the Magic should have taken Carter out and put Redick at the SG a while ago, they should have taken Rashard Lewis out like 2 games ago and started playing Brandon Bass more at the 4, and play Ryan Anderson more at the 3.

    Seriously, considering how their starters have struggled in the series, mix things up a bit and find a combination that works.

    EDIT: I know, but that's what I mean he should have been using them more earlier in the series.

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    Michael- Rashard Lewis has played well today and Bass has been used as well.

    Carter was subbed out just a while ago and Barnes came in for him.

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    Yes he is choking right now

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    HELL YES!!

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