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HIstory Question.... Confederate flag?

Should people today who display the Confederate flag (flag and bars) be considered advocates of radical oppression and intolerance or simply defends of southern history and tradition?

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    Unfortunately, the Stars and Bars has been used by some racist groups. That doesn't mean the flag stands for racism. It is a matter of pride and heritage.

    Because of the uproar over the Confederate battle flag, Georgia has adopted the real flag of the confederacy as the basis for their state flag. Most of the people who scream about the confederate flag are too ignorant to even realize the Georgia State flag incorporates the real confederate flag.

    There is no state which has any semblance of the confederate battle flag in its state flag. Sometimes it is incorrectly referred to as the Stars and Bars. South Carolina and Georgia were the last ones to have it and both have changed their flags. Only ignorant racists would make such a claim.

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    No, the Confederate flag is a symbol of states' rights, like when the Brown v Board case was decided, South Carolina raised the Confederate flag to show that education is a power reserved for the states. However, the meaning of the flag has been twisted, and many people believe it to be a symbol of racism. I live in Southern Virginia near the NC border and I don't think half of the kids flying the flag from their truck know that it means either state rights or racism, to them it is just their culture.

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    This is a highly contested and opinionated question and, as such, you will receive some highly subjective responses (no doubt, quite a few ignorant people from both sides who will spew their rhetoric to this question).

    The Flag and Bars was the first official flag of the Confederacy, followed by the Stainless Banner, and the Blood Stained Banner. I am not aware of the common usage of the Stars and Bars as a commonly used flag in representation of the Confederacy. The most commonly used flag is the Battle Flag of the Confederacy (the blue shield with white stars and a red background) in both representation in society and in popular culture.

    Depending upon your heritage will, in great part, determine your opinion on the representation inherent within the common usage of any of the Confederate flags. As a Tennessean I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Confederate flags as they are a symbol of unity by individual states against the oppression of a bloated federal government that attempted to work against the proper welfare of the Southern states in attempting to cripple their economy and people through legislation such as tariffs and the imposition of cheap labor in the mid-west to stifle the economy of the South. The flags of the Confederacy serve as a reminder of Southern AMERICANS who, through their state legislative processes of the time, chose to follow their own path to ensure the welfare of the people of their state while the federal government attempted to stifle their voices.

    However, we would be remiss in ignoring how these flags were unceremoniously used (and abused) by groups such as different branches of the Ku Klux Klan to varying degrees in the century and a half since their initial and valiant (rightful) inception. Due to the kidnapping of the original meaning for these flags (the sovereignty of the states) they have been hence used as racial propagation.

    I believe that if the Confederate flags are properly used in giving honor to the Americans who fought for the legislative processes of their state (such as memorials and state honors) they should be accepted in that light and respected for that purpose. I have no issue with this and those who do are arguing from blind hatred towards the more recent uses of the flag. However, I am against the usage of the Confederate flags for the continued propagation of racial incitement in which case they should not be allowed. It's all a matter of proper context and placing. Memorials and state honors are one thing, football games and ignorance is a completely different context.


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    In today's world the Stars and Bars (name of the confederate flag) is a symbol of racism both north and south. Some states still fly it, and it is seen by blacks as a banner for racism. There is even a high school that call themselves the Rebels with the Confederate battle flag as part of their identity, and that is in the north about 5 miles away. There are those who see the flag as a symbol of the brave men of the Confederacy, but in reality it is still a symbol of racism no matter who tries to justify it.

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    They are simply showing their pride of being a southerner.

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