If I like Evanescence, what other music might I enjoy?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Evanescence, and I like Paramore as well. What other music might I like based on those two bands? Thank you!

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    10 years ago
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    Okay well..I LOVE EVANESCENCE! They're totally awesome. How about i sugges thte bands i like? I also like Paramore...So hopefully you'll like the stuff i suggest...

    For bands similar to Evanescence (Kinda, no one can really sound like evanescence...Just that if you like Ev, you'll most likly like this):

    -Within Temptation

    (Songs to check: The howling, What have you done, Stand my ground)


    (Over the hills and far away, Byebye beautiful, arnamanth...actually i have no idea how to spell that name...)


    ( Never enough)

    - Kells

    A french band, they rock! ( La Sphere)

    -The Butterfly Effect

    They have a guy singer, but i love em and they have that nu metal feel like evfanescence

    ( Perception Twin, A slow decay, Gone, Beautiful Mine, Reach)

    -My Own Sin

    ( They only have one song..."Grey")

    Bands Not so Similar To Evanescence That you may like:


    (Mistress, Stricken, Down with the sickness)

    -KoRn ( Amy Lee loves KoRn. "Freak on a leash", "Twisted Transistor", "Falling away from me")


    (Dead Memories, till we die, Wait and Bleed)


    (You look so pretty, Career Suicide, What i've always wanted)

    The Agonist

    ( Void of sympathy, Rise and fall)

    Arch Enemy

    ( My apocalypse)


    (Just so you know...VERY GOOD SONG!!! CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!!!!)


    ( Heart shaped box, Smells like teen spirit)



    (I'm so sick, Cassie, Beautiful Bride, Chasm) Good band!!!

    Hmm Yeah sorry that's all i can think of right now...Hope you like those, i assure you they are all good music. The songs i chose to write are the most popular and ones i think would suit your tastes best. Hope you find what your looking for!!!

    Source(s): I LOVE MUSIC! Good music, Not crap music
  • 3 years ago

    City & Colour Augustana Staind The Maine Parachute A Rocket To The Moon Green River Ordinance Anberlin Anarbor The Postal Service Sing it Loud A Day To Remember Envy On The Coast The Summer Set

  • 10 years ago

    Tokio Hotel (<3), Within Temptation, Epica, KITTIE, Lacuna Coil, Ayria, LaFee, Kerli, Shiny Toy Guns, Sonic Youth, Tool, Nightwish, etc.

    Source(s): Hope I helped. :)
  • 10 years ago

    The Cranberries

    The Pixies

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    10 years ago

    Air Supply

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Prodigy, Linkin park, 311

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    3 days grace

    Breaking Benjamin

    those 2 bands are similar to Evanescence

    listen to this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POjQgExXH6A

    Youtube thumbnail

    evil angel by breaking benjamin

    and this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wh23g5Q2Z0

    Youtube thumbnail

    time of dying by 3 days grace

  • 10 years ago

    The Deftones --- listen to the new album Diamond Eyes


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


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