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how do I download youtube videos and put them into imovie?

I tried vixy and keepvid but nothing works! I can't get the videos to show up when i drag them onto imovie. Mac says that it needs to be in .mp4 format, but that doesn't work either! thanks!

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    You may try Socusoft Web Video Player. It has free function of YouTube/Google video wizard download. It has very detailed tutorials and guides. Besides, it also have video conversion and web video function.

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    well 4 mac u go 2 YT find the video go 2 window then activity at the top it should say the name of the vid i suggest u only keep that window open its easier then u will see ''address'' on the left and ''status'' on the right u look 2 the right under status.Then u see numbers that end in ''KB'' find the 1 that end in ''MB'' and then double click.Then a new window will appear but then the video will come up in ''downloads'' it will say video playback then a number.The go 2 this link n download a converter.Once thats done make sure u open it then at the bottom it will say output format switch it 2 ''mov.'' then drag the file downloaded in the converter and click convert when done u can find it in ur finder then go to imovie type in the file and it should go in the ''event'' seems hard but it takes 6-7 total

    link- 4 vid converter =)

    Source(s): i make wwe mvs so i use clips 2 make them and use them in imovie
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    The video you downloaded always FLV format, as .flv files.

    There are so many free downloader on the market,

    Just convert it to MP4 format which accept by your iMovie with Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac, then you can edit them with your iMovie

    Source(s): Free youtube downloader here: Video converter for Mac I use this one:
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    Try this website below or search google for TubeZen to download youtube videos in many formats without any software in a easy-way.

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    Its working perfectly to convert youtube videos to Audio MP3 format in Online

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    Well,it is my solution. I use wondershare allmytube to download the youtube videos with the sniffer on ,and then convert the video to .mov before importing to imovie .Because it is a youtube downloader and converter for mac.

    Hope you can resolve the problem soon.

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    YouTube Downloader:

    This simple freeware application works pretty well, given how basic the interface is. It has two main features: to download FLV files from YouTube, and to convert them to most major formats. If there's a YouTube URL in your clipboard.

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    Have you ever tried this youtube downloader for mac? I always use it to download and convert youtube video to mp4 video for editing on iMovie. My friends recommend it to me, it works pretty well on my macbook.

    Email me if you need further assistant or use to search for more information.

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    this will help you... use 'zillatube' - it gives you good quality video/audio and more ( example, it can convert to mpg video format that is compatible with most video editor)

    it is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

    Zillatube easily saves or download videos from Youtube... to your computer, and more (e.g. it will help you convert them, or just watch them easily anytime you want).

    It works very well -

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    get Youtube Downloader for free here

    I strongly recommend it.

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    hello,you just need a youtube downloader. leawo offers a free and good youtube downloader. with it you can download video very quickly because it can speed up video buffering and video downloading and after you download it you need to convert it to other formats such as wmv,mp3,mp4 etc according to your requirement. downlad it freely here --------------------------

    For Windows:

    For MAC:

    all this can be finished by several clicks, have a try.

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