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I'm a 19 year old guy who has spent all his life growing up in a New Jersey suburb, but I have a strong, albeit ambiguous interest in cattle ranching. I would like to know how a person with no experience in agriculture can become a rancher. Are there specialty colleges, or should I just find a major in agricultural science - or forgo college all-together? Would it be best to work as a hired hand on an established ranch right after college?

I'm currently in college for Maritime Operations, a completely different field, and I'm not sure it is capable of holding my interest.

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    Do yourself a favor and please do NOT forgo college all together. However, your best bet for learning about cattle ranching is going to an ag college that has beef cattle management and/or range management as a part of its ag college curriculum. Agricultural science, I find, can be too general for your area of interest. The other thing you can do is to find a cattle farm that will hire you and be able to teach you about everything involved with cattle.

    Another thing I like to bring up is that you are young. You still have LOTS of time to be able to start up a cattle ranch, and lots of time to learn about cattle. There's a lot of guys (and gals, too) that haven't started up a cattle operation until they were in their 30's or 40's. They had to go through getting enough income and getting married and all that other stuff before they even considered starting with cattle.

    As a young man, you also need money, land, and capital in order to be able to start. It's fine to start planning now, but things do change in your life as time goes on. You may even change your mind about ranching and decide to pursue something else. You never know.

    Source(s): have goals on becoming a "rancher" myself, but have the wisdom and knowledge that I have to be patient and wait for the right time to start. For me, now is not the time. Yet...
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