what is the likely future of the UK and European economy for the next 5 - 10 years?

After the budget info on cuts being announced and a lot more on the Horizon likely to be coming in the near future. It's clear the Gov has on a damage limitation attitude to the economy for the next 5 years. unemployment is at 2.5 mill and is a lot higher when you think about the kids in education in school, collegee and uni, that graduate year on year putting more pressure on the jobs market and resources (with degree which increasingly mean less each year). Iv been looking for full time permanent work for 5 months and forced to take part time work (due to going travel and then coming back... if you want a stable future never live your dreams... and do not leave a full time job even if you hate it!)

Most people I know have no idea what the solution is to the economy (maybe there isn't one) or they just don'tnt want to think about it as they fear losing their job and don't know what they would do.

If people knew where the economy is gowing then we can plan for the future but no one is telling us.

Ok job growth will happen in social care, education, medical docs/ nurses in the future but these jobs do not generate money they require it. Jobs that generate money for a country are those that make things in your bundarieses or in your land borders e.g. oil extraction, raw material extraction, manufacturing - cars, electrical goods, food etc. green energy? BUT WE DONT MAKE THESE THINGS ANY MORE!.

One law I I thought could help solve the problem is: - The UK Invent a lot of products and is one of the world leaders, if we made it illegal to outsource anythe products division to outside countrie e.g. if the product is designed by a british citizen the product must be built here and marketed and sold from britain to the rest of the world acquiring the resources to make the product from abroad (if needed). good ensure job security in the UK and high employment, Bad - may force intelligent people to leave the UK and force the price of products up.

So where do you think the UK and europe will be in 5 - 10 years how can we ensure our future for our growing population?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Fact is the Government is 'employing' too many people - and taxing the rest in order to pay them.

    What's needed is to move at least 50% of the Government 'workers' (about 15 million) into REAL jobs in the real economy .. and (of course) get as many of the 'Disabled' (i.e. those on 'Invalidity Benefits' = about 2 million, I believe) and currently jobless (another 2-3 million) into work as well ..

    Chances of this happening are about the same as the chances of Greece sorting out it's problems .. the 'public service' being the last bastion of Union organisation dedicated to the lining of their members pockets at the expense of the rest of use ...

    Example - we have had a falling birth rate for ages .. so less kids == fewer schools & fewer teachers then ??? no way... instead we reduce class sizes from 30 to 15 thereby avoiding any need for the redeployment of teachers ...

    The same is seen throughout the entire public sector .. a massive expansion of 'needs' and 'entitlements' means more and more officials to oversee the new 'rights' and thus even higher numbers employed by the state (and paid for by the poor mugs left behind) ... and just watch the public sequel when any of these wonderful new rights are threatened ... (Joe Public is so DUMB that they have NO IDEA where the money is coming from to pay for all the shiny new rights and entitlements)

    Still at least in UK the Government can simply PRINT MONEY = OK so that leads to Inflation (over 5% already) but that's OK as well since it reduces the true value of the UK Gov. Debt that we have managed to sell to foreigners ...

    So expect Inflation to reach 10% in the next 3 years with a very good chance of hitting 20% in 5 ...

  • Jack M
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    10 years ago

    I can't speak for the UK, but I can give my two cents on the current economic meltdown.

    I'm worried the Euro will fail. It seems as if Germany is the only country really trying to fix the crisis, but I don't know if they're enough. A weak union that exists in the EU cannot hang on to the same currency as all the countries view the Euro differently, and that will make the larger, more secure, nations angry and want to back out (Germany and France).

    If the Euro fails, there will be a large global economic recession (worse than the current one which we are trying to get out of). The UK and US won't be as affected as much as Continental Europe of course, but our economies will definitely be slammed. Unemployment will not get better, and it will lag behind the recession.

    I don't think a ban on outsourcing will solve anything. Companies will leave the UK and then there won't be any jobs. Also, the government doesn't need to get involved nearly to that extent. They can provide tax incentives for companies that do stay all-UK though.

    I think we have a very large storm coming. It's been off in the distance for quite a while, and governments have been acting to stall it as long as they can.... but it's getting closer by the day. Once it hits, it will be very long and very bad.... but it will end (hopefully not through war as has been the case in the past), and we will see brighter days once again.

  • Janis
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    4 years ago

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