What is such the big deal about Pit Bulls?? (getting mad!)?

Ok. So I have a 9 week old Pit Bull that is absolutely beautiful and my favorite dog ever...

anyways... yesterday I took her with me to an outdoor event (Autism walk).. there were a lot of people there, it ws VERY crowded. She is very good on a leash already so I let her walk some, then i'd pick her up for a bit, then let her walk some more.... She was getting a lot of attention and seemed like the star of the walk lol...

Well, this one lady was bent down petting her with her 2 children and of course saying "how cute" and Asia (my puppy) was licking all 3 of them and wagging her tail, etc etc.. the lady then asks me what kind of dog she is (like you can't already tell?? she is blue and white and there is no second guessing... at least to me) I tell her "pit bull" and she goes.. "oh" and gets up from petting her and walks away... It happened a second time a little later on in the day.. an older lady was petting her and loving on her and she asked me what kinda dog she is and i told her pit and she didn't say 1 word and walked off... What, is the dog no longer "oh so cute and adorable" any longer because I just told you she is a Pit Bull???... really? wow. How low can people go? it honestly is ridiculous to me.

wtf is wrong with people???

Asia, my puppy is priceless and just so adorable.. I am a good dog owner and am raising her the right way and will continue to do so.. I know pit bulls have a bad name and i cannot stand it.. most people who judge pit bulls are going off of the media and that makes me vomit.. its almost like a TREND to follow to bash on and hate pit bulls.. I wish it would just stop and people would realize that ALL dogs can and will bite.. In my honest opinion, I think those little rat dogs as i call them (meaning, Pomeranian,chihuahuas,maltese,Shi tzu/etc etc) are more aggressive and vicious than pit bulls/bigger dogs.. I recently was watching a chihuahua pup for a lady for a couple days, and that dog was evil.. growling/snarling/gritting teeth/etc..

I guess to each their own.. but i seriously wish that people would stop being so judge mental and closed minded towards pits.. its like they hear a few ba stories because of the news/media hyper, and they are shut off to any reasoning on them and judge alllllll pits off of a few bad ones they heard about...

why does the news/media have to put pits out there like they are the worst thing in the world??? seriously???... when a poodle or chihuahua attacks/bites someone, they aren't thrown up on tonight's breaking news.. WHY IS IT ONLY PITS?????... sh*t, not even a rottweiler or chow goes on the news as fast or not at all when they bite.. This has always sickened me.. even before i was the owner of a pit.. Asia is my first pit.. and I LOVE her to death. Nobody going to brainwash me into thinking pits are a disgrace and evil..no way.. not ever.

And if anyone out there likes or supports Michael Vick... you need to have your head examined. How in gods green earth is he able to still be in the NFL making his millions after what he did?????... AGH! makes me mad to this day!

Here is my beautiful baby girl.. Asia.




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  • 10 years ago
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    AWWWW!!! i must say your dog is very cutee, and i don't get why the heck people are like that about pit bulls either, i mean, yes they do have a reputation because people have breed them to be like that. Pit bulls are awesome pets if you train them right and don't abuse them like a stupid idiot. wtf is wrong with people?! :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Unfortunately not all pit bull owners are resonsible owners. Pits can be wonderful, well behaved dogs, but they have gotten a bad reputation since they are the favored breed used in dog fighting. The reason they are favored is because they are fearless and the strength in their jaws is powerful. This reckless sport has caused the breed to be overbred without thought/care given to any negative traits that may be passed on. This includes not only physical traits, but personality as well. Too many of these irresponsible breeders actually try to breed aggressiveness into their litters.

    When people see you and your pit, they don't know if the dog will suddenly snap or not. In many communities now, pit bulls are prohibited and in others they are required to be on leashes, fenced in yards, and property owners may need to carry additional insurance.

    Social stigmas, especially negative ones, tend to stick with people rather than the good stuff. Just like people think all teenagers are incorrigible just because there are a few bad ones running around.

    Don't let it bother you. Just make sure you keep your dog well behaved, take obedience training and let him know you are the pack leader. As long as you pat him and give him plenty of love, don't worry about other people wanting to pet him. It's probably best anyway as they could actually jerk away or have a sudden movement that would startle him and he might react. Then that would only cause problems.

  • 4 years ago

    WOW! You have a beautiful puppy! I also am owning a Pit for the first time. And your right those like rat dogs are more aggressive than these guys my PitBull is the sweetest thing my uncles Yorkie is very aggressive towards everyone and even my uncle is impressed how good pit bulls are. People need to stop. Seriously. Just because these puppies are born one of the strongest dogs in the world doesn't make them aggressive or mean or anything! For example body builders or really tall people. We dont label them as aggressive or mean just because they are bigger or "tougher" than anyone else. It is not the dogs fault they are born who they are and honestly I could not find a sweeter dog breed than a Pitbull they are amazing just because a dog owner raises they're PitBull to be aggressive doesn't mean they are its the owners fault! Pit bulls are loyal funny clumbsy and amazing beautify dogs. People really dont know what they are missing out on. They're loss. My PitBull is Riley puppy too :)

  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Well if the pit bull is saving the child from a house fire, the boy from a kidnapping and 2 women from cobra, then you should make sure that those stories are being heard. As a lover of the pit bull, it's up to you to make sure that people hear and know the truth about your breed.

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  • 10 years ago

    I can only speak for myself, but I have a soft spot for Pit's. Anyhow, it's like you said, the media plays a huge part in hyping things (I live on the MX border, and what I can attest to is that the killings are no worse here than the U.S., except not as random, I feel safer here!). What they fail to tell people, is that there are actually more dangerous dogs out there (Cane Corso, Presa de Canario, small dogs, etc.... don't get upset about me saying this, I also love these dogs), and they fail as well to tell that ANY dog; mutt to purebred, large to small, has the ability to behave aggressively towards humans and other animals. Unfortunately, the Pit Bull is the honorary face to the media right now. Back in the 1970's it was the German Shepherd and the Doberman Pincher. I think around the 80's it was the dreaded Rott's. It takes a lot of work, a lot of people and a lot of really good dogs of this breed to make people change their minds and move on to the next breed to point fingers at. Keep socializing your dog and promoting the breed in a really positive way, this is how you change the thought process of people.

  • 10 years ago

    How can you be so mad about people labeling Pit Bulls when you just labeled smalls dogs! You said " In my honest opinion, I think those little rat dogs as i call them (meaning, Pomeranian,chihuahuas,maltese,Shi tzu/etc etc) are more aggressive and vicious than pit bulls/bigger dogs.. "

    I have a small dog and she is not "aggressive and vicious". As you also said..."all dogs can and will bite." To have a well balanced dog it needs training and exercise. Most people do not exercise or train their dogs properly. This results in dogs with behavior issues. The fault lies with the owner not the dog.

  • Exact
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    10 years ago

    I've owned a wonderful pit bull terrier. She was the sweetest thing ever. My experience with her was this: She loved absolutely every human she ever came into contact with. But she hated other dogs! She never attacked them but she did always give them warnings. She was never able to play with other dogs because she was very weary and defensive. It wasn't fear thought because she was very tough. I can always remember walking her as a tiny 9 week old puppy and her lunging at a huge German Shepard very aggressively. (So young). We called her jaws because she snapped her jaws at other dogs. I would take her to the dog park (along with my very playful boxer) and my boxer would run and play with other dogs while my pit would lay right next to me and ward off other dogs that came close. So, most pits are very friendly to humans but some can ber very aggressive to other dogs. It could be the genes or bloodlines passed down from fighter dogs.

  • 10 years ago

    Awwwwe Asia is a cutie!!

    And it is because alot of pit owners raise them to be mean and attack others (trust me my cat almost died when she was attacked by to pit bulls) <---- It turns out the owners of the two pits were training them to be fighting dogs by tieing their leashes to tredmills and cranking it up to 40 so they have to run for days and days at a time. so they got loose some how and got my poor darkstar.

    But I know how you feel I have lab/pit and people are scared of him when he is very gentle (He won't even touch my cat :D)

  • 10 years ago

    Happened to me too, with my dog Ruby.

    When Ruby was a puppy, the neighbor lady was petting her. When she asked what type, and we told her, she jerked her hand back and ranted about how terrible of pets they are. 30 seconds after she was loving on it.

    Here's Ruby



  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What I find more disturbing in this story then peoples reaction to your dog is that you would EVER take a puppy out in a public area that was not COMPLETELY done with its FULL SET of Vaccines.

    When you did your extensive research on Pit Bulls I am sure you noted that this breed is more susceptible to Parvo, and one has to be even more diligent in keeping them from getting exposed before they have all their vaccines.

    What in the world were you thinking.

    As for Michael Vick, he did his time. He is allowed to live free and earn a living just like any one else. I suggest you be more appalled about sex offenders who might be living in your neighborhood.

    ADD: I see Lioness and I were completely on the same page

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