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YWWE Raw pick winners and rate show and matches?

GM Abraham Washington

WWE Champ- Kane

#1 Contender- Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Champion- Owen Hart

European Champion- Sheamus

Women's Champion- Mickie James

World Tag Team Champions- The Rock And Sock Connection

GM Abraham Washington is in the ring. He says tonight's round 1 qualifying matches for Raw's last spot in MITB will be the start of a tournement unlike no other. the first round will be an elimination match with the loser being eliminated from the tournement. the winners will then be awarded 1 point. then on superstars the remaing six will compete in one on one matches against eachother. no eliminations. another point will be awarded to the winners. then next week on raw, there will be a 6 man elimination match. with the person making a pin fall getting 1 more point per pinfall. the last man standing will be awarded 5 points. the week after, points will be tallied and the man with the most points gets the last MITB spot.

1. Rhyno(face) v Ezekiel Jackson(heel) (round 1 MITB qualifying tourny)

Interveiw with Mickie James about Natalya's comments being the most dominent diva

2. Hernandez(face) v Hardcore Holly(face) (round 1 MITB qualifying tourny)

Interveiw with Matt Hardy about the MITB

3. Chris Masters(heel) v The Miz(heel) (round 1 MITB qualifying tourny)

4. Jesse Neal (face) v Mr. Kennedy (heel) (round 1 MITB qualifying tourny)

Steve Austin hits the ring and grabs a mic. He asks the crowd if they heard Hulk Hogan's challenge for wrestlemania. He asks the crowd if they wanna see Stone Cold stomp a mudhole in Hogan's 150 year old *** give him a hell yeah. the crowd says hell yeah. Austin's answer: Hell Yeah!

5. Ted Dibiase, Jr.(heel) v R-Truth(face) (round 1 MITB qualifying Tourny)

Interveiw with CM Punk and SES about the MITB

6. David Otunga(heel) v Wade Barrett(heel) (round 1 MITB qualifying tourny)

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    promo 1. 10/10

    Match 1. Rhyno 10/10

    promo 2.. 10/10

    match 2. Hardcore Holly 10/10

    promo 3.. 10/10

    match 3. The Miz 10/10

    match 4. Mr Kennedy 9/10

    promo 4.10/10 love the steve austin promo

    match 5. Ted DiBiase 10/10

    promo 5. 10/10

    match 6. Wade Barret 10/10

    overall show 10/10 keep up the good work


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    1. Rhyno v Ezekiel Jackson

    Winner: Double Count Out

    2. Hernandez v Hardcore Holly

    winner: Hernandez

    3. Chris Masters v The Miz

    winner: The Miz

    4. Jesse Neal v Mr. Kennedy

    winner: Jesse Neal

    5. Ted Dibiase, Jr.v R-Truth

    winner: R-Truth

    6. David Otunga v Wade Barrett

    winner: David A-List Otunga

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    Promo 1-9/10

    Match 1-winner Rhyno-10/10

    Promo 2-10/10

    Match 2-winner Hernandez-10/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Match 3-winner Chris Masters-10/10

    Match 4-winner Mr Kennedy-8/10

    Promo 4-10/10

    Match 5-winner R-Truth-8/10

    Promo 5-10/10

    Match 6-winner Wade Barret-8/10

  • Promo 1-10/10

    Match 1-winner Rhyno-10/10

    Promo 2-10/10

    Match 2-winner Hernandez-10/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Match 3-winner Miz-10/10

    Match 4-winner Mr Kennedy-10/10

    Promo 4-10/10

    Match 5-winner Ted Dibiase-10/10

    Promo 5-10/10

    Match 6-winner Wade Barret-10/10

    Great show

    BTW man,my 14th RAW is up

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    Promo a million(10/10) tournament a million(winners Samoa Joe, Kaz, & Christopher Daniels)(10/10) tournament 2(winner Owen Hart)(9/10) tournament 3(winner Rey Mysterio)(10/10) Promo 2(10/10)(terrific Promo) tournament 4(winners Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows)(9/10) tournament 5(winner Bryan Danielson)(10/10)(terrific tournament) Promo 3(10/10) tournament 6(winner Mickie James)(10/10) Nikki Bella & Brie Bella removes Brooke Maria removes Maryse ODB removes Candice Michelle Maria removes Maxine Mickie James removes ODB Melina removes Hamada Angelina Love removes Jillian corridor Beth Phoenix removes Nikki Bella & Brie Bella Maria removes Beth Phoenix Velvet Sky removes Maria Angelina Love removes Eve Velvet Sky removes Angelina Love Mickie James removes Velvet Sky Melina removes Mickie James tournament 7(winner AJ varieties)(10/10)(terrific tournament) positioned up tournament(10/10)

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    Hardcore Holly

    The Miz

    Mr. Kennedy


    David Otunga

    all the matches and promo 10/10

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    sounds like you should be raw's gm not ABE

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