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how do you say 'at the weekend' in french?

The sentence is je peux faire la grasse matinee and i want to say at the weekend i...

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    If you want to say sleep in it's:

    Pendant le week-end, je peux dormir po.

    During the weekend, I can sleep in.

    Or with your original sentence it's simply:

    Pendant le week-end, je peux faire la grasse matinee.


    Source(s): Je parle français!
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    If you just have a weekend, I suggest you just hang out. Walk through the Quarter, stop where you like. Jackson Square always has lots of free entertainment. Bourbon Street is basically a series of bars interspaced with t-shirt shops and restaurants- there's much more to see than you can squeeze into a weekend, and it's all good. Have a drink at Tujaques, coffee and beniets at the Cafe DuMonde, and definitely stop at Donna's for red beans and rice and live music. If you want a more contemporary scene, hit Frenchmens Street just outside the Quarter. Stay out of Louis Armstrong Park, which is closed at night and dangerous the rest of the time. Just relax, keep your head on straight, and enjoy! Lessez le bon temps roulez!

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    You just say "le weekend"

    Source(s): I speak French as a second langauge
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    It is simply, "le weekend". Good luck

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    le week-end

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    "Dans le weekend" ?

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