how to tell if your friend is snorting perscription drugs?

i think my friend has a perscripion drug problem

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  • 10 years ago
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    symptoms of prescription drug abuse vary depending on the drug and the method of abuse. a few signs to look for are

    increased irritability or mood swings

    frequent complaints of physical ailments such as headaches or nausea

    anxiety, agitation, or paranoia

    secretiveness; making excuses to suddenly leave the room or be alone

    marked changes in appetite and sleep habits

    someone who is snorting prescription drugs might be especially secretive or paranoid: making excuses to be alone, getting defensive about where he is going, constantly checking the mirror or touching his nose and sniffing.

    obviously, if you look for these symptoms hard enough, you'll see an addict in every other person on the street, so don't jump to conclusions; use your best judgement. nobody likes to be accused of drug abuse: an innocent person will resent you for the implication, and a guilty person hates being confronted with the truth, so tread cautiously.

    here's a site with some more information

    Source(s): recovered prescription drug addict
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  • 4 years ago

    They probably get them for their friends and do them together. Drug addicts generally do drugs in groups, and they usually have a drug squadron of like 4-12 people. Two of them are usually drug dealers. Depends on the drug they like though.

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