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Please check out my fantasy team after a big trade...?

12 team ROTO league with no bench. Salary cap as well.

I just traded Matt Holliday and Ryan Theriot for David Wright and Franklin Gutierrez.

C Francisco Cervelli (Jorge Posada on dl)

1b Justin Morneau

2b Aaron Hill

ss Alex Gonzalez

3b David Wright

mi Placido Polanco

ci Kevin Youkilus

of Matt Kemp

of Carl Crawford

of Shin-Soo Choo

of Bobby Abreu

of Brennan Boesch

dh Franklin Gutierrez

sp Felix Hernandez

sp Zack Greinke

sp Jon Lester

sp Scott Baker

sp Mat Latos

sp Jeff Niemann

cp Ryan Franklin

cp Matt Capps

cp Jose Contreras

What do you think? Any weaknesses I should address? Any big strengths?


Also, did I win the trade?

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    I LOVE that deal. Big win for you. Gutierrez is underrated as a 20/20 man, and Wright looks like he's gonna be back to his 30/30 self this year. Theriot offers no power at all, and Holliday's speed is limited... and you may get better AVG from both Wright and Gutierrez than from Holliday. Good trade.

    To correct one of the other answers... Brennan Boesch is NOT in danger of losing his job. The Tigers sent down Scott Sizemore at 2B and announced that Guillen would play 2B when he's healthy, so Boesch is safe all year.

    That said... I'm still not a fan of the guy long-term, I think he's a fluke. And once he starts slumping, he'll be hard to dump but impossible to trade.

    I would recommend trading Boesch + Contreras for a more reliable closer. You'll probably get someone who jumps at that deal quickly if you look around, and you'll be safer in the ERA/WHIP categories with a better closer than Contreras (who may have occasional rough times in the 9th inning, and isn't guaranteed the job if Lidge ever gets healthy).

    Then, move Gutierrez to OF, which gives you more flexibility in how you use your DH spot (1B, 3B, OF, etc). That would allow you to find someone with more position flexibility at DH, which will help you in case someone suddenly gets injured for a long period of time.

    Other than that... I really like your team a lot. You could probably find a better replacement C than Cervelli... but that's nitpicking. You're in really good shape.

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    i would be reluctant to deal holliday but to acquire wright and shore up your 3b situation is a smart move considering the lack of depth at third compared to outfield. as far as the theriot for gutierrez swap, i think both players are mediocre in fantasy and can be easily replaced so no harm no foul in the swap. you might want to package some overachieving pieces like choo, abreu or polanco for a solid reliever. aside from that, i think this was a fair deal for both teams and with some tinkering here and there with your pitching staff, you have a solid shot in a 12 team roto league.

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    You have a pretty stack team, but there are some that will not be there for the entire year. Brennan Boesch will be heading back to Triple A, because Carlos Gullien coming back in late May. Abreu is good, but he ain't the Abreu the Angels want him to be. King Felix is having a bad year for him. All the rest I would feel comfortable having for the entire season. Good Team.

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