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Bahamas for the summer ? HOTEL ? PLEASE ANSWER !?

Hi ,

i'm looking for an hotel in the bahamas for the summer.

Arrive ( bahamas ) : 06/31/2010

Leaving day : 07/08/2010

We're going to be 5. ( 3 adults of : 48 , 47, 44 years old & 2 childrens(teenagers) of 14 and 16 years old ) We would like to fit in the same hotel room.

I have a few preferences for the best hotel ANYWHERE NICE IN THE BAHAMAS.

1. I need a stove & a refrigerator( because i have food allergies so i can't eat in the restaurants so i want to cook for myself. )

2. Next to the beach ( or the closest as possible )

3. Pool

4. Restaurants ( for the rest of my family ) .

5. If you can find a good hotel ... can you tell me the price ?


sorry for my english . im from Montreal .

Please answer fast . thanks ( i ABSOLUTELY NEED A STOVE )

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    Google The Abaconian. This is the bi-monthly news paper from the Abacos, a group of islands in the northeast Bahamas. Marsh Harbor is the most populated settlement. The paper has many, many rentals and I know you will find what you are looking for. The Abacos are the true Bahamas and the summer is off season so you should good rates. Hopetown (Elbow Key) and New Plymouth on Green Turtle are you best bets. Most of the acommodations are private homes and have the amenities you require. Nassau and Freeport are tourist traps.

    Feel free to email me if you want more information.


    Source(s): frequent Abacos' visitor
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