What is the difference between a serial ATA drive and a solid-state Drive?

I've been looking at a new computer for a while, when I select the one I want there are some options for different drives. The standard is a serial ATA drive and then for some extra money it says I can change that to a solid-state drive. If you could just tell me the basic differences and which one is better (like if one of them boosts the performance of the computer) that would be great.

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    Well this is where you are getting a little confused.

    A Solid state drive IS in nearly all cases a Serial ATA drive. The Serial ATA refers only to the connector of how the drive connects to the system motherboard.

    A solid state drive differs from a regular drive in that it has no moving parts. Instead of having spindles,platters and heads moving around to read/write data it uses flash memory to store data. The benefits of this approach is that the drives use significantly less power, they are silent, they have greatly improved access times, and in most cases when compared against a typical consumer mechanical drive can read and write much faster.

    The primary disadvantages are they are much more expensive and they are typically much smaller in terms of hard drive capacity. Where you can get a standard SATA hard drive in 1TB capacities for less than $100, you can barely get 80GB of solid state drive storage for less than $200.

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    Serial Ata Solid State Drive

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    A solid state drive is much smaller in the total space, but its extremely fast its about 25x faster than the fastest hard drive. You will not experience any load times, from switching on the computer to loading times for games. The actual Solid state drive is the same size as a laptop hard drive (2.5 inch), which means you could use it in a laptop if you wanted too. In my opinion, if you can afford a solid state drive, go for it! The results are extremely impressive. If you want more space than what's offered use a solid state drive as your "C" drive and a normal hard drive as your "D" drive where you keep all your data, and windows and the games you mainly play or programs on your C drive.

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    Solid state drives are built like flash drives. They don't spin at all it's just a solid piece of material. They are more expensive than normal hard drives but run a lot faster. You can copy stuff to and from them a lot faster and retrieve files faster.

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    SATA is the connection type, all hard drives nowadays use that... An SSD runs a HECK of a lot faster than a normal hard drive, but wears out faster (Don't expect to keep it for 15 years) and doesn't have as much space... Added to the larger cost...

    Just stick with a normal one unless you are adventurous and know a little about computers...

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