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Need help on closing statment?

Did the US have justification to start a war with Iraq?

thats my debate question..im on the yes side. i need to write closing statment... what can i write?? please help.. i havent done a debate before..


the closing statment has to be 1.5mins long

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    Dear Rachel

    Thank you for your question.

    I presume that you have done your research and have come up with several arguments that support the invasion.

    I suggest that your closing statement goes something like this:

    What if we hadn't invaded Iraq? Saddam Husein had killed thousands of his opponents and posed a threat to the Middle East. There is every escalation that he would have continued his cruel regime to the detriment of many of his people. Surely it is better that he is no longer with us and the Iraqi people have a chance to develop a peaceful nation.

    As regards the timing. You should get a stop watch and time yourself making the closing remarks. This will tell you if the remarks take too much or too little time. It is very unlikely that your remarks will hit 90 seconds first time. It is easier to cut down the statement, as you should be able to work out where you have repeated yourself or where your arguments haven't been strong. I would advise you against mentioning Hans Blix and the weapons of mass destruction, because this kind of information goes against your statement and can be refuted by people with opposing views ("As no WMDs were found, there was no proof that Saddam Husein had any, therefore the invasion was illegal."

    If your closing statement is under a minute, you will need to look over all your arguments in favour of the invasion and see if you've missed something out. You mustn't pad out your closing statement, but you should back up any contentious statement. Please note that showing passion will be more likely to get people on your side, rather than speaking in a monotone, as if you don't care about the subject matter.

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    Quickly sum up the major points of your arguments.

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