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Immigrant visa application

NVC recently sent me a checklist and requested to complete DS-230 and corresponding civil documents for each family members.

Please advise me the followings-

1. item 29 of DS-230 (Name and Address of Petitioner) : who does the petitioner refer to , my sister or I ? (I am the principle applicant of the immigrant visa petition and my sister is the petitioner of I-130).

2. NVC requires all traveling applicants to submit orginal civil documents or certified copies of the documents, do I really need to mail NVC the orginal documents or certified copies of documents. If so, How I can get the certified copies of docuements (e.g. birth certifcate, marriage certificate, photocopy of valid passport biographic data page)... Or simply photocopy is OK?

3. My daughter is 12 years old, does she need to get the police cert?


Thank for your swift reply.

1. It's item 29, the DS-230 is downloaded from

am i get the wrong form?

2. My sister is appointed as an agent via DS-3032, would I send all these civil documents to NVC direct or to my sister first.

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    In answering your questions:

    1. To clarify, it is item 39, not 29.

    Your sister will be the petitioner. You are the applicant.

    2. You have 2 choices:

    a. Mail the original. You can also request a true copy (the same as original) from Immigration Department for a fee.

    b. Mail a certified copy. You can ask Home Affairs Department and see if they can cerify that for you.

    3. A letter from U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau will show who need it (and this letter is needed to get the record). At the moment, it is too soon to tell. But I am sure that she does not need one.

    2010-05-25 22:52:28 補充:

    1. It is the right form. But read carefully. (I have in fact matched your question from the form).

    2. Your sister will be better.

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