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B 你的圖片看起來商標是直接刻在模具上再生產的,這樣我們須要開此專用模具所以須要模具費用美金XXX元,此費用當你的訂單數量達到xxxx個時可退回,


以上2段話懇請國貿高手幫忙,翻成英文信, 謝謝~~~~~~~~~

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    A. Good News from Your Supplier

    Dear sirs:

    With the purpose of decreasing our cost and enriching our services, we have decided to take on the material importing approach. Thus we are ready to offer our clients a price-cut under the prevalence of inflated prices.

    We do anticipate our respectable clients to continue to support our mutual collaboration. Shall there be any services in need, please contact us directly. We are sure you will find it satisfying in our reasonable pricing as well as rapid services.


    Your picture appears to be a direct logo sculpting on mold before production. If that is the case, molding expense will be necessary. The expense is XXX US dollars, and is refundable when the quantity of your order reaches XXX pieces.

    The printing version expense for logo is XXX US dollars.

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    To reduce cost yet improve service, we are

    planning to import raw materials.

    Therefore, under the business climate with price rising for all commodities

    everywhere, we reversely reduce our prices.

    Hopefully, my honorable customers can continue their support and

    collaboration to us. If any service required, please feel free to contact us.

    You can definitely find our favorable prices and fastest service speed will satisfy

    you most!


    As per your illustration, the trade mark is

    directly embossed on modes for mass production.

    As such, we should adopt dedicated modes for mass production with the

    cost rated at USD XXX. This cost expenditure

    can be refunded whenever your order quantity reaches xxxx.


    The LOGO cost is rated at

    USD XXX.

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    A好消息~~~ A good news ~~~

    為了降低成本,提高服務品質,我們將採取進口原物料的方式,所以在普遍調漲的情況下,我們的產品反而降價了,希望各位親愛的客戶们,繼續支持與合作,如有須要服務之處,請來信,你將發現我們優惠的價格,超速的服務,另你滿意. In order to lower costs, improve the quality of serving, we will take the way to import original supplies, so in case of generally adjusting and rising, our products have made a reduction instead, hope in every dear customer? Dr.eye: ,Continue supporting and cooperating, if there are places that must be served, please write letters, the price that you will find us favourable, the service of overspeeding, another you are satisfied.

    B 你的圖片看起來商標是直接刻在模具上再生產的,這樣我們須要開此專用模具所以須要模具費用美金XXX元,此費用當你的訂單數量達到xxxx個時可退回,

    LOGO的版費是美金XXX元 A edition of fee of LOGO is U.S. dollar XXX yuan

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