Are TEFL, TESOL, etc. online-classes true?

I am considering getting my teaching English certificate but I do not know which one is the right choice for me. I am considering teaching English -- as a backup, in countries where I visit moderate amount of times. Therefore, can anyone advise which is the proper certificate in teaching English???

Also, do the websites that advertise "Certificate" programs in Teaching English really true or is it some kind of scam? I usually hear about Teaching English programs being offered in real-person classes.

Please advise. Thank you in advance.

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    10 years ago
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    For an entry level job teaching English around the world in general you'll need a degree (although there are still possibilities if you do not have this) and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate to get a visa and work. The TEFL certificate can be taken either in-house or online at your own pace which is a much cheaper option (see

    And it doesn't matter whether a course is online or in-house: there are really good ones and really bad ones in both camps. The best way is to check out online what people are saying about the course provider and make your own mind up.

    Also check the link below, it's a good introduction to teaching English overseas with info on courses, qualifications and more which you can download for free.

    Source(s): Introduction to Teaching English overseas:
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    10 years ago

    as true as 'online distance education based science degrees'..

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