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Any negative consequences to a real estate agent who constantly submits low-ball offers on different houses?

either for herself or for her clients?

She's in California.

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    Mostly reputation. There is an agent in my area that has an investor in her stable that regularly wastes everyone's time with low ball offers. When you get the call that so-and-so is submitting an offer, the eye rolls and big sighs start, because every agent is wondering if it is going to be a waste of time. And paper.

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    Only to her reputation. Nothing illegal about it if when she offers in her own behalf she states in the offer that the "buyer is a licensed real estate agent in the state of California." She is bottom-fishing and might be successful.

    If she offers on behalf of a client, the client must sign the offer and it is obvious that she is the agent. If her buyer wishes to remain anonymous and asks the agent to sign on buyer's behalf, the agent must have that in writing from the potential buyer to be legal.

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    If the buyer is making the offer as a legit offer, she has to submit the offers by law. If she is suggesting that the buyers submit lowballs, eventually, everyone will basically ignore the offers and reject them outright unless she shows that her clients are willing to negotiate and make real offers.

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    Nothing illegal about it. Other realtors may not be trhilled to work with her and it may hurt her business a little in that sense. It could also hurt her if her offer insults a client. Maybe she takes antoher client to look at the same place later and the other realtor or sellers dont even want to entertain her offers anymore.

    That said if a client wants to put in an offer she has to do what they want.

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    an offer is just that - an offer, and in reality it is just the beginning of a negotiation. so, a low offer is not bad or good - it is what it is. many properties are listed at prices that are over their value, but you don't seem to care about negative consequences for them!!!! you never know what the seller's motivation is or the buyers intentions.

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