Have you ever noticed how the other sports...?

...sell hats to regular, non-sport folks simply because the logos look cool? (A good deal of the time, they're of those small-market teams that you just KNOW they aren't a fan of, like the Florida Marlins)

I'm sure it happens with hockey, but generally speaking, I see it a LOT more with baseball.

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    bingo! it's because baseball markets their teams.

    the NHL does not.

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    I agree...you do see more hats from baseball in particular. I dont know that is it so much a logo thing as much as it is especially for baseball an easy way to relate. Ballplayers all wear hats so it is natural for fans to want to "look like the pro's". Likewise it is fairly common to see hockey fans walking the streets wearing hockey jerseys, much more so than the other sports (with football having similar success selling jerseys). Fans want to feel like part of the local team so hats and jerseys fill that need. There are those out there that wear just about anything that makes them look cool and sports teams often recognize this which is why they are always looking for that logo edge...like the Marlins. I bet more than half my clothing is logo clothing.....I even own nice dress style shirts with Red Wing logo's embroidered into them, I look the part when I need to dress nicer while showing off my love of the Wings (I also wear a fair amount of Tigers logo clothing).

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    Most of the time you will see me in a Florida Marlins cap. I don't even watch baseball! In my defense, I have been to the World Series (Marlins won) And have been to over 120 Marlins games (Free tickets).

    All in all, I just like the fit of the Authentic On-Field cap..

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    1 decade ago

    I regularly wear a Montreal Expos hat.

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    1 decade ago

    I do see that. A lot wear Atlanta Braves hats.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah my friend has a crap load of MLB stuff, but he doesn't even like baseball

  • Yeah that is definitely a baseball/basketball thing.

  • Scott
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    1 decade ago

    no i don`t see that....

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