Are there any tribes that worship the Tiger for something?

I'm trying to do a research report and i keep searching for tribal connections to Tigers but i cant find anything. Like, did this tribe think they were Gods, use them for food, or for there skins? What is there relation. I cant have anything from wikipedia. I would greatly appreciate a link to where you got the information. Thank you so much!

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    Graduates of Louisiana State University and those who love them are members of the Tiger Nation (Geaux Tigers!! Yay Mike!!).

    Seriously, no one would use tigers for food - very few groups eat predators. Not only is it dangerous to hunt them, but it is also dangerous to eat them (I think their livers are toxic or something). Also, I'm told meat-eaters don't taste very nice. In addition, in a well-balanced ecosystem, prey animals usually outnumber predators, so it would be silly to depend on the rarer animal for food.

    Do some research about tiger habitats, then check sites such as National Geographic or the websites of various natural history museums - sites that provide anthropological information - for information about the practices of groups who live near tiger habitats. You'll probably find information about cultural and religious practices related to tiger veneration as well as hunting.

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    The women of the Bimbo tribe worship the Tiger.

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    Tiger Worship was famously practiced by Standard Oil (New Jersey)/Humble Oil Group.

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    1 decade ago

    China has a list of God's of former times and call it th e year of the tiger.

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    It's my understanding that Tiger Woods had his own harem of women he saw so maybe that could be construed as tiger worship:

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