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Why did the Republcian party drop the Democratic word in their name?

Back when Andrew Jackson, the last time a Republcian campaigned on shutting down the central banks and fractional reserve banking the party was called the Democratic Republcian Party. So did they find out late that you will never be safe completely in a Democracy and they would rather have a repressive restraining reactive pure Republic?

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    they hate democracy because they think poor people shouldn't be allowed to vote

    they ultimately want an aristocratic republic where peasants have no rights

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    While I may agree with the idea of your quip, you are in serious need of some education in American History. The Republicans DID NOT grow out of the DR.

    Jefferson's party was the Democratic Republican Party

    It was challenged by the Federalist Party of Adams and Hamilton (Washington was a Federalist in beliefs, however as he viewed his role as a national uniter, he refused to join any party.)

    Then the Federalist Party disappeared.

    In the 1820s Jackson broke from the Democratic Republican Party and formed the Democratic Party - mainly in response to his loss to John Q. Adams in the 1824 election which had been thrown into House and despite winning the popular vote and the electoral vote Jackson still lost to Adams.

    The Democratic Republican Party disintegrated. Many went with the Democrats while others created the Whig Party (a not so subtle dig at Jackson who they saw as trying to make

    himself a virtual king.

    The Whig Party, however had little cohesion. Its main stance was anti-Jackson. Slowly the party began to break up on the two main issues of the day - strong government and slavery.

    There were Whigs basically three groups of whigs

    1. Strong Central Government and Anti-slavery everywhere

    2. Strong Central Government and no slavery in the new territories

    3. Anti-slavery but didn't want to risk dividing the Union over it.

    Eventually, the radical anti-Irish, anti-Catholic wing of the Whig party took over. And from there it splintered.

    Group 1 Became the Republican Party

    Group 2 Became the "Free-soil" Party (whose goal was to bridge the differences between 1 & 3 and thus nobody listened to them, even when they got the Colin Powell of the day - John Fremont - to run for President.

    Group 3 dispersed among groups 1 &2 and the Democrats.

    In 1860 Group 3 became the "Constitutional Unionists"; The Republicans had taken on enough of the "Free-Soilers" to have a national party; and the Democrats had split based on the North/South axis as the Northern Democrats accepted that expansion of slavery into the territories was a disaster (Bleeding Kansas). While the Southern Democrats wanted at least as many slave territories as free - since when they became states they would still have a balance of power.

    Andrew Johnson may have been the last Constitutional Unionist or "National Unionist."

    So to Sum up

    Jefferson/Madison/Monroe - Democratic Republican

    Hamilton/Adams/Washington - Federalist

    Jackson - rump DR became Democratic

    Webster/Clay/Wm. Henry Harrison - former Federalists sort of became Whig

    Fremont/Lincoln - former Whigs became Free Soilers/Republicans

    Guess you slept through 9th Grade history, huh?

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    Lincoln became a Republican. The Republican occasion as quickly as stood for individual freedom and equality. The Democrats adverse the freeing of the slaves. via fact of this interior the South, the Democratic occasion governed after the Civil conflict, even nevertheless maximum persons there are conservatives. Now the Republican occasion represents the vast companies, the NRA (and sale of attack weapons to felons and remote places drug gangs) and the religious genuine wing, and that they decide for to outlaw abortion or maybe forbid wellness businesses from even putting forward start controls.

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    The term "Democrat" has changed over time, at one time it represented a sentiment of fairness and equality. Today, it means dirty politics, misrepresentation and socialism.

    The arrogance of liberalism essentially caused liberals to believe their ideology is not capable of wrong doing. They believe whatever they do, wrong or right, is the only correct action.

    Liberals believe they are the leaders of civil rights, but they appoint race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton, to incite racial conflict, while exploiting racism solely for political gain.

    To understand the change in the term, "democrat", its necessary to follow the corruption of the democratic party, as it is now been hi-jacked by socialists, communists and America haters.

    Once all the civil rights laws were changed, years ago, liberals had no "cause"; hello SOCIALISM!!!

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  • It is a complicated history if you just follow the names of the parties.

    Republicans were the opposition to the Federalist party, led by Thomas jefferson. Who favored states rights over a stronger federal government, And a strict interpretation of the constitutional. They were very opposed to the concept of creating a new monarchy that Federalist would like to move toward. It is the federalist who branded the opposition as Democratic Republicans, trying to demean them as a democracy was agreed by all to be the worst form of government.

    If you follow just the ideals or ideology (States rights, Anti slavery strict constitutional interpretation and individual rights) instead of the names of party you will see that it has been changed in name several times. Once started as the Republicans in 1792 then becoming Whigs in 1834 and then returning to be called Republican In 1854.

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    I'm reading 'John Adams' right now. From what I've read so far the Founders considered us a Republic from the very beginning. I don't believe there was ever a discussion about making it a democracy.

  • Andrew Jackson was the first elected President of the DEMOCRATIC Party.

    Source(s): History
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    Or was it just to avoid confusing their party with the other Democratic party?

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    It's so that they would not be confused with the Democratic Party.

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    We are a Constitutional Republic and wanted to be clear on that.

    AND...what DR said.

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