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halloween party ideas?

i'm having a halloween party this year, i had one 2 years ago but this year im allowed alcohol :) (please dont rant about underage drinking because friends and i are responsible and parents will be home)

mainly just food, drink and games i need help with

for drinks im thinking just byo.. but maybe have like 1 alcoholic punch and a non alcoholic punch as well then just soft drinks. also some cool ideas ive got so far:

- orange, black and green jelly shots with a gummy eyeball in each one

- plastic syringes filled with red drinks

- the red party cups stacked on the table

- plastic martini glasses with red still dripped around the rim

what else can you think of? and also what do i use to get the red dripping on the rims of the martini glasses? and what ideas for food?

i dont exactyl want to be paying for all this food for heaps of people and supply some alcohol with my own money.. so what could i do to get money off people.. cause i dont think they will want to like pay me or anything

also what games if any? if people are drinkiing there will obviously be music so people will dance, but what else.. beer pong? im in australia and i want to make it very traditional american style because halloween is so big over there.

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    For food there is this Junior Cookbook thing with recipes for different events. They have one for Halloween and it tells you how to make Pumpkin Soup with star croutons and witches broomsticks. For the witches broomsticks it also tells you how to make them (like a cheesy biscuit) shaped as witch hats instead of broomsticks. In this book they also tell you how to cook spider web cookies. It looks pretty cool for Halloween. And be careful about what you cook in case someone is allergic or anything.

    For drinks you could get some coke or sprite and get some cups with scary pictures on it (if you can find any). Get some water too because some people might have a sore throat or something.

    For games you can pass a box full of scary costumes (like a zombie arm or fangs) around with music and when the music stops the person with the box takes out one costume and puts it on. Do this until the box is empty and then take a photo together! You can also tell scary stories while its dark and then while your telling yours, someone can jump out dressed like a ghost or something. You can even take turns adding to the story.

    For decorations, cut out some paper spider webs and hang them around. Try have it in your back yard so it's more scary. It should be near night time and set up some chairs and tables for food and drinks. If you need some music, take out your stereo and put in any CD that has scary songs. Maybe Thriller or something...

    For the money, try save as much as you can BEFORE Halloween. You can start a business and put brochures in peoples mail boxes or hand them out at school. You don't need a building or stall for your business. You can make one like walking dogs and people will call you and tell you when and stuff then you just do it!

    Oh and try make it a costume party. There's usually some cool costumes in NSW, Sydney. In Campsie shopping center there is a gift shop thing and they have craft stuff, costumes, toys, baskets, etc. Head there for some things if you can.

    Hope I helped! :DDD

    Source(s): Junior Cookbook xDD
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    Yes, skip it! I am serious, Halloween is still to do with evil and the occult, so why not celebrate Jesus Christ giving His life for you everyday. Now, that's something to celebrate. After all, we do wrestle against the powers of darkness of this world and the occult seems to fascinate quite a number of people. I am saying this because I am truly concerned about those who do celebrate this event. They don't know how serious it is, and it's encouraging people, especially youngsters, to blank God out of their lives and just follow the ways of the world. Just seek Jesus Christ and ask Him into your life and you will have the Holy Spirit within you and your eye's and mind will be opened to wisdom and understanding regarding the Bible and God's Will for you in this world. Read Ephesians Chapter 6 and you will understand what I mean. God Bless You.

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