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White stars adopting black babies?

I am trying to explain this to my family and friends in Shanghai. They are scratching their heads on this one. This is just something that one never sees in Asian cultures. Are Angelina, Madonna, and Sandra trying to make a true statement of their personal beliefs or is this for some kind of headline grabbing? I am not trying to inject any kind of racist overtones here, it is just that if I adopted a back baby and tried to raise him in the Chinese culture, I am not certain how he would feel being so different than the other kids as he gets older. Personally, I think that the major problem is that most all babies need to be removed from the violence that is 95% of current African governance, and have them be brought up in a truly civil society. I would think that as long as the United Nations sits by ideally while those thugs are allowed to run their respective nations (not to mention run the thug-riddled UN), all children in the Dark Continent will be forever at risk. What do you think?

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    As a child who grew up in Nigeria and still lives there, I think you are greatly overexaggerating the state of Africa. I had an excellent life and was not at risk of anything that children in the Western world are also not at risk of. I had everything I needed and most things I wanted, and could not have asked for a better country to grow up in. I realise that not every child has this in Africa, but neither does every child in the Western world, so I just thought I should point that out in response to your generalisations.

    I also consider The Dark Continent a bit of an offensive term.

    Nevertheless, these celebrities are not raising the children in, for example, Chinese cultures as you mentioned. The US and the UK are both multicultural societies so it's not like the child is the only person of his/ her race around. In addition, Madonna and Angelina appear to regularly visit the origin of their children, keeping them in touch with things back home.

    All in all, they have definitely improved the lifestyles of their children and should keep doing the little they can to help (as long as they don't keep adopting babies that actually have family, leading to more commotion in the adoption process)

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    I think... Madonna should be applauded for helping to take childrens out of the worst poverty imaginable and giving them a better chance in life. Baby David and Mercy are lucky to have been adopted by someone who can give them a chance of survival in this world and I don't think it's fair that people are criticizing her.

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    Maybe there are more black babies up for adoption. As far as I know getting a white infant to adopt is hard because either they are of diff ethnicities ( idk if thats spelled right sorry) or they are older.

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