What is plr articles?

Does any1 knows what plr article articles mean?

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    In the context of articles, PLR stands for Private Label Rights (see the link in source section below for details).

    A purchaser of articles under a PLR licence can modify and redistribute the content to the extent agreed upon—e.g., in regards to breaking it into pieces, posting it in other web sites, bundling it.

    PLR-articles are widely used in online affiliate marketing under the form of e-books that purchasers customize with their identity/brand and hyperlinks to their own site or to the site for which they've created an affiliate link.

    —Pascal, SEO Content Writer

    Source(s): Private Label Rights (Wikipedia): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_label_rights
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    confusing point. do a search using google or bing. that will can assist!

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