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Anonymous asked in 商業及金融投資 · 1 decade ago

Risk Evalution

If risk is defined as total loss, not change in value. Which one has a higher risk, putting money in Dah Sing Bank saving account or buying Tracker Fund (2800) at Dah Sing Bank?

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago
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    The risk between both ,putting money into Dah Sing Bank saving account

    is lower. since there is 100% guaranteed by government. there is a important

    rule , corporate rating is always lower than government, so if the risk is define

    as total loss , obviously saving is lower risk than stock , even tracker fund.

    tracking fund is deposited at Dah Sing Bank is a tricky point , there are two

    way , the first , Dah Sing Bank is going bankruptcy, there is no problem to this

    asset , since this asset must hold as separate account .the second way is

    Dah Sing Bank is cheating , it appropriated this asset , and client has only

    one way to do , that is put forth your claim . anyway , the lower risk

    between both is still saving

  • ion wa
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    1 decade ago



    我們放在在銀行的account 有政府保障,但2800郤沒有政府書面的法律保障。


    所以法律風險下 銀行高於


    因為風險難計,你問我︳我吾識,找精算系的人,他們可能計出數據風險,不過風險的問題不等於回報問題 ,這點要留意


    例如 一間公司財務狀況,有盈利 及一間有虧損,你評估一間公司倒閉,是否給他們貸款,你需要這間公司的財務狀況及可供的借貸數,你以一些資料問如何評估公司的財政好啦,否則這些問題只會惹起一輪爭議,然後像小兒辯日 一無結果。

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