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How to maintain a deep wave weave?

I recently got a "quick weave" bonded install two days ago. How should wear my hair at night? how do i keep the curly wavy and voluminous? Right now, I have a Diana Ross big hair style but I don't want this style to become a flat and limp looking Michael Jackson Jheri curl looking style. The brand of hair that I used is Black Diamond Onyx Deep Wave. This hair is 100% human hair. Not expensive, but its not human hair blended with synthetic hair either.

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    spray water on it and comb through it.blow dry it dry.

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    you could try those balm things. no, that's not what it's called.... well, it's like this stiff thing in a container that you can usee to define and maintain curls. i'm sorry, i lost the name of the product. it's rather cheap though you could find it anywhere from walmart to any good hair salon. :D

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